Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap: I Love My Husband

Multiple times this weekend I thought to myself, "I love my husband." (I hope not all of you just thought, "YUCK-O. Newlyweds!") Well, I'll see your disgust and raise you some cheese. Ready for it? I think this relatively often. I know, I know, stop it already!

But seriously, this weekend I found myself thinking, "I love my husband," more than normal. It may be because our 6 month anniversary was on Friday (WOOT WOOT), or it may just be because we did/he did a lot that induced those thoughts. So let me tell you about our weekend.

As I mentioned before, Friday was our 6 month anniversary. We didn't do anything too crazy, just got some pizza and then sat and listen to music with the house all opened up. There's nothing better than a nice breeze coming through the windows and doors, and being able to relax to the sound of a fountain and some tunes. Now, this may sound romantic, but it wasn't this that made me think, "I love my husband." Instead, it was when he said, "soooo do you want to talk about angels?" His really sweet, romantic and subtle way of saying, "Don't you just want to turn on the TV instead of sitting here staring at each other?!" and it was in that moment that I smiled to myself and thought, "I love my husband." One, because I could totally predict that that would be his response, and two, because I was thinking to myself deep down, "Hm, maybe we should just watch something on TV." But we didn't, we sat and discussed what came first a zipper or velcro, the weather, and anything else random Ronnie could think of to poke fun of my efforts of wanting to just "sit and talk".

On Saturday morning, we attended our cousin's wedding. It was a FABULOUS wedding. Very, very well done. It was a smaller wedding, unique, and fit them PERFECTLY. I love when you can get a complete sense of who the couple is, just based on their wedding. It was fantastic. We sat at a table with a few cousins and family friends and it was a blast. And here's the best part. Cousins, Tim and Gina, have two perfect, adorable kids: one, a little over a year, and the other two months old. So I spent most the reception holding the precious little 2-month old. Eventually, Ronnie pried her out of my arms to hold her for a bit. And I tell you what - as I looked over and saw him adjusting her little dress so she'd be more comfortable, I thought to myself, "MAN, I love my husband." He's going to be a GREAT daddy one day. (Insert: Ronnie breaking into a cold sweat as he reads this...just kidding, he wants kids just as much, if not more, than I do...right honey?!)

Saturday night we had the privilege of attending the CFF Breath of Life Gala here in Phoenix. It was a very well done event. Great food, great venue, and GREAT company. We got to sit with some dear friends, the Olimbs and the Duns, and Josh and Christine. It was a delightful evening. We were there because Ronnie was asked to speak. In his typical fashion, he stood there, casually, confidently and with such ease shared his life in a matter of fact way with the attendees. A few jokes here, a real life example there. However, he was missing one key element that was "expected" of him: the sad story that showed the "death and destruction of CF". It was in that moment I thought to myself, "I love my husband." You see...that's what raises money, but that's not Ronnie. That's not Ronnie's view of CF. And because he doesn't feel that way, he doesn't work it into a speech, even when it's "appropriate". Instead, he talks about his CF. What his life looks like, and simply said with a smile on his face, "Thanks to the CFF...the meds...treatments...blah blah blah. I'm here at 30.....blah blah blah....I'm asking you to give what you can tonight because I plan on being here for my friends, my family, and I have to be here for my wife, or she'll kill me." Would a sad story have maybe raised 100 more dollars? Maybe. But what Ronnie cares about were the parents and CFers sitting next to us, or somewhere else in that room. The last thing they need to be told again is, "CF sucks" because Ronnie doesn't feel that way and they don't have to either. I think I'm getting side-tracked here, but the point is, in that moment, I smiled and thought, "Man, I love my husband."

And that brings me to Sunday. We went to church, came home, and I decided while Ronnie did a treatment, I was going to take a nap, and then we'd both work together to get the house all picked up and cleaned. But when I woke up, Ronnie had finished his treatment, and had already started cleaning without me. The house was picked up, the laundry folded and he was standing outside watching the sprinkles. (Oddly enough, I "catch" him watching the sprinklers often. This time it had a purpose as they weren't working the other day...but typically, he just watches them because they fascinate him! Ha, makes me laugh thinking about it). Anywhoo, as I woke up to see the house picked up, the laundry folded, and my shirtless husband watching the sprinklers (for the 100th time this week) I thought to myself, "I love my husband."

All in all, it was a great weekend!