Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amazing Race - Phoenix Edition

Yesterday, Mandi and I were fortunate enough to compete in an Amazing Race type of an event courtesy of my cousins Tim and Gina. They had bought tickets, but due to some conflicts in their schedule, the tickets got passed down to us. If you aren't familiar with the Amazing Race, it's basically a race around the world in which teams compete against each other by solving clues and taking on various challenges. Challenges such as trying to hit a target with a watermelon using a balloon launcher, which if you haven't seen this video, you NEED TO WATCH IT!

So anyway, we didn't get to do anything that cool, but we did have a lot of fun and didn't kill each other. We also stayed within about a 5 mile radius and didn't fly across the globe - maybe next time. Here's some pictures outlining our day and the race.

Everybody arriving and getting checked in.

Some last minute instructions before the race begins. BTW, we started in an REI parking lot next to a big mall.

This clue wanted us to take a picture with something that represents what happens between dusk and dawn. Thus, Twilight.

This clue wanted us to eat a tasty treat from something that started in Santa Monica, Muscle Beach in 1946. That something, "hot dog on a stick".

We had to find a juke box, make 4 new friends and take a picture.

They wanted to see a picture of a teammate with a "modern day Dandyhorse".

This was the toughest gave some crazy quote, we had to figure out that it was Barry Goldwater who said it, then we had to run quite a ways to find this stupid statue :)

Just livin' the dream.

Called for us to dress up in some "retro" gear.

The race ended with a "shapes puzzle" at Barrio Grill where we got to hang out and mingle with some fellow race peeps.

Out of 34 teams, Mandi and I finished a disappointing 4th place. We weren't nearly as prepared as some of these other teams which clearly had done this before. They were equipped with matching t-shirts, bus schedules, clip boards, fanny packs, you name it, they had it. We are already looking forward to the next race which is in March, and I promise the field that we will be more prepared next time!

BTW, if you want to check for an adventure race near you, click here for the City Scape website.