Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thanksgiving Week Goal

With the holiday fast approaching, I've decided to set a goal for myself with the knowledge that this week is going to be crazy. I assume that it's pretty common to want to "shut it down" before the holidays, but I want to make sure that doesn't happen this week. It's happened in the past, but I just can't afford for it to happen now. So my goals:

- I refuse to miss any treatments. My middle day treatments always seem to get caught in the crossfire when things get busy. When this happens, I generally feel like dookie at the end of the day and my lungs get super tight. Even with that foreknowledge I'll still put off my middle treatments for some reason. Doesn't make sense. This week, I can't afford to do that. I need to stay on my game by staying on top of my treatments.

- I will go for a run everyday. My runs have been going well for quite some time now and I refuse to let this crazy week derail the train. Lately I've been running every other day to let my legs rest, but have been going on long walks or bike rides on my "off" days. This week, I want to run every single day. I want to run every single day to make sure my body knows who is in charge and even though he's not going to feel like lacing up his shoes and hitting the road, he's GOING TO DO IT!!

- I will not forget to remember all that I am thankful for. This shouldn't be too difficult to stick to as Mandi and I have made this part of our daily lives, but out of any week of the year, I want to make sure this isn't the one I forget to be thankful. If I started listing everything I had to be thankful, we'd be here until next year, but I definitely want to be more vocal about it his week. I want to make sure the people in my life know how thankful I am for them.

- I will not overeat on Thanksgiving Day. Now, I don't want you thinking that I'm watching my weight (although I probably should be); Thanksgiving Day and I have some history. I had my first ever full intestinal blockage in 2003 on Thanksgiving Day and it was not pretty. I won't go into details right now, but I'll try to write about it this week. Long story short, know when to say when when it comes to turkey.

So those are my four goals for the week. Feel free to call me out at anytime on any and all of these goals during the week. Drop me a note on here, message me on Facebook or email me at to make sure that I'm living up to my end of the bargain. If you, like me, struggle with sticking to a plan around the holidays, let me know so I can help hold you accountable as well!