Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Partial Results...Or Lack Thereof

*Mandi Tuesday? Doesn't quite have a ring to it - but I have a little update, so it's Mandi Tuesday :)

We caught wind that my carrier test (the full panel screen offered by Ambry Genetics) had results posted on Friday (get the back story here). This meant that yesterday (Monday) we surely should have heard something. After patiently waiting for all of 30 minutes after hearing the results had been posted, I called my doctor to see what they knew. They hadn't received anything. I proceeded to call Ambry. They told me they had "partial results" as they only had the results from the "first part" but won't have final, signed, official results until the end of next week when the second part is complete. And while the sweet girl on the other end refused (even after many pleas) to tell me the results of the first part of the test that were posted, just knowing they had moved onto the second part was enough to get my hopes up.

Watch this video to see why, hear my thoughts...and watch Ronnie attempt to make me cry!

We'll keep you posted! I'm sure with more videos of Ronnie capturing the "raw emotion" as he likes to call it. Looks more like capturing greasy hair and pimples if you ask me :)