Friday, December 3, 2010

My First U of A Game...

...this season.

Just got back from the U of A vs. ASU "Territorial Cup" football game. Heartbreaking. We lost in double overtime by a point after our kicker missed an extra point. Ouch. Mind you, he missed an extra point for it to go into overtime in the first place. Don't quote me, but generally, kickers make 99.9% of their extra points. Our guy missed two on the same night. Oh well, enough about that, he's a kid and life will go on.

I absolutely love football, but I like to either be on the sideline coaching or on my couch watching. Being at the stadium of course has a nice feel to it, but listening to clowns cussing about our coach or "why is he running the *&%^%$^&&*^%&(* ball?" gets a little old. I also like to DVR the games so I don't have to worry about TV timeouts.

My step-dad was able to go with me tonight and that was the best part about being there. We got to hang out, talk sports and cheer on our Cats. I think I only need to take in one live football game a year though and I'll be good. I will say though, being there did make me miss coaching. I may have to look into getting back in the game at some point.

I'm glad it's now basketball season.