Monday, December 6, 2010

The Things I Love to Hate

I opened up a blank blog to write my Mandi Monday and found myself staring at the screen for awhile. I don't have much to share (other than a HUGE congrats to my sister-in-law's brother - my brother-in-law once removed? - he got married yesterday, Sunday, to a WONDERFUL girl. It was an awesome ceremony and a fun reception). But as I sat staring, wondering what to write about, Ronnie sat next to me doing two things that I love and hate all at the same time. With that, the writer's block was gone. "I know," I thought, "I'll write about the things that Ronnie does that I love and hate all at the same time." Figured you might like to learn some odd, adorable, annoying stuff that Ronnie does.

You know the kind of stuff I'm talking about. It's that stuff your spouse does that kind of gets under your skin at the time it's happening, but you actually find it really adorable and endearing when you think about it. Ronnie has a handful of habits that test my patience at times, but they make me smile when I think about them. Some of the things I knew before we were married, some things I found out after we tied the knot. But they're the kind of things that you pick up on when you know someone really well. They're things that aggravate me at times, but some of the things that I love most about him - because they are so unique to him. So here they are - what I love and hate that Ronnie does:

  1. Ronnie will sniff, and then get caught in a spastic, uncontrollable sniffing frenzy. It's like he gets "stuck". He'll sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff without realizing it. It drives me nutso. I generally have to get him to snap out of it by saying, "do you need a tissue?" or "knock it off, you're sniffing"...because I don't think he even realizes it.
  2. During University of Arizona games (doesn't matter what sport) he sits on the edge of the sectional, closest to the TV. Not comfortably and relaxed. He sits WAY on the edge, upright, generally fidgeting with his fingers or toes, COMPLETELY focused on the screen. Then if they win or there's a good play, he'll stand up and clap LOUDLY walking around the room. Not so much annoying, but it makes me tense to watch him watch a game!
  3. Ronnie has a face twitch (which he claims he does when his eyes are dry). It's the craziest face twitch ever. It's like an incredibly intense blink, only it's a circular motion of his whole face. It's like his face does the wave. One side of his face scrunches and then the twitch hops to the other side, all in a quick second. I always know what he's mid face twitch because I can hear that "spitty" sound from his mouth, when his cheek moves away from his teeth. This, like his sniffing, can become compulsive, and he'll start doing it really frequently until I tell him he's twitching or simply mock him by doing it back at him...ahh a wife's love.
  4. He INSISTS on making the bed in the morning. This is typically an awesome thing (because he usually just does it by himself before I can even help), but it turns into a not so great thing when we're running late, need to leave to get somewhere, but we have to first make the bed. Realistically, it's only a 1 minute job if we're both doing it...but 1 minute seems like a lot when you're late!
  5. If we're watching TV and I make comments or share my analysis of the situation happening on screen and he wants to just focus on the show OR I'm stating the obvious he'll say, "RIGHHHHHHHT" but in a crazy voice that starts quiet, gets loud, and goes quiet again, that sounds more like, "wwwhhhhIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIte." (capital "I" being the loud part)
  6. He knows I scare easily, so he'll hide in random parts of the house when he knows I'm looking for him, so he can catch me off guard and startle me - it almost always works unless Jezzabel finds him first, ruining the surprise. (I sometimes try to get him back by hiding and jumping out at him...but somehow he ALWAYS knows I'm there).
  7. Ronnie thinks it's funny to randomly honk the horn while driving. He probably wouldn't do it very often, but the first time he did it I got on his case, telling him, "it's illegal" (I did in fact google it...and I think it is actually illegal to honk for no reason, although no very easy to enforce). Needless to say, he probably only does it so often because he likes the exchange. HONK. "Ronnie, no. It's illegal." Recently, he started making up reasons to honk the horn, so my "it's illegal" would be unfounded. Now he'll randomly honk the horn and yell, "GET OUT OF THE ROAD" while "shooing" the imaginary people out of the road. And another car thing he likes to do (maybe could be #8 or tied into #6, but I'll just put it here) is that if he's driving and knows I'm zoned out, he'll tap the breaks and throw his arm across me as if we're about to get in an accident, just to make me panic.
Welp, that's all that comes to mind. Perhaps I'll have him post a list of the things I do that he loves to hate. I tell you what though, writing this list I had the biggest smile on my I think that means I love these things about him far more than they drive me nutso at the time :) I'm not crazy in this right? You guys must also have things that you love to hate about people you love and care about. Leave comments of all the adorable, endearing, annoying things you favorite people do.