Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egg Retrieval, Passing Out, and 5-month Pregnant Belly

I wanted to update you regarding the latest and greatest in IVF news. My egg retrieval was this morning, and it went very well. While we were there we found out that Ronnie's contribution had a ton of good swimmers, so they will definitely be able to fertilize all my eggs - which brings me to my next update. The egg retrieval resulted in 42 EGGS! Crazy, huh? Before you become too impressed, I should tell you that only 22 were mature! The video below is me, shortly after the procedure...still feeling pretty good.

Unfortunately, that didn't last all too long. After hitting the Gatorade hard, I had to go potty. The short trip to the bathroom resulted in my passing out, Ronnie getting to me before I was all the way out, and lightly getting me to the ground. After a solid 30 minutes on the bathroom floor, I was back up to snuff and ready to just go lay down in bed. I attempted to go potty again, made it this time, but again, the fainting drama ensued. This time, I didn't pass out, just got the chills, clammy and dizzy. Ever since those two episodes, I've been sitting in bed. The passing out has stopped, but the tightness/bloating in my stomach and chest hasn't subsided yet. We're talking BLOATED. I look about 3-5 months pregnant right now! I've pounded Gatorade like it's my job, and luckily peeing a ton (not peeing would mean we needed to let someone at our clinic know).

I am feeling much better this evening. Poor Ronnie has had to wait on me all day, while trying to ignore his throbbing souther-region! We Will keep you posted. Check out the video below to see me at my merriest! We have additional videos from today that we'll post another day :)

Keep us in your prayers. We so appreciate your support!

PS - Below is a video of our doctor performing an egg retrieval. This isn't of my actual procedure, as he didn't want Ronnie in there filming (it's a tiny room), but told us where we could find this video of a previous procedure he had shot himself.

**Warning - this isn't bloody or grotesque, but if words like vagina make you queazy, you may want to sit this one out! Hope you didn't just eat :)