Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Graduating to an OBGYN

Yup, graduating. At least that's what it felt like when I walked into my OBGYN's office yesterday morning. I had a strange sense of pride as I filled out my forms. I somehow felt like I now had a "normal" pregnancy. I now was at an appointment that everyone goes to. It felt good. It felt like we had crossed a certain threshold; like we made it to a certain point; like we were graduating onto "pregnancy" and not "trying to get pregnant." Unfortunately this graduation isn't as cut and dry as high school to college or college to the work force. We still have a little bit of overlap, as our fertility doc wants to see us another few weeks, but it feels good to be starting the transition.

Yesterday's appointment was just a meet and greet. I am going to a new OBGYN, so I had to fill out some new patient paperwork and then just sat down and chatted with a PA. She was oober nice. She felt like my BFF (yes, I did just use "BFF) and even hugged me as she headed out of the office. We'll be headed back next Monday for our first ultrasound with them, and then they'll see us every four until it's gets closer to D day.

Yesterday was also my LAST DAY OF PROGESTERONE INJECTIONS! If you can't tell, I'm flippin' excited - and so is my incredibly bruised, sore bum. I am thrilled that I am done with the shots, but a little nervous too. You stop the injections when your body takes over. And I'm just hoping my body will take over as it should. There's absolutely no reason it shouldn't, wouldn't and couldn't, but a worrier will still worry :) Supposedly I will feel way better once I'm off the Progesterone. They told me at my appointment yesterday that it makes you more tired, more bloated, and more "down". The only catch is that the Progesterone can keep morning sickness at bay (I learned for the first time yesterday). So I could be in for a little reality check in the next week or so. Only time will tell!

Thursday we head to see our fertility docs for another ultrasound. Again just totally routine and more for our enjoyment than their need. I cannot wait to see little peanut's heartbeat and what it's looking like this week. Hopefully less like a sea creature and more like a human! This week, according to babycenter.com, our baby is the size of a grape. It has arms and legs, even earlobes - I wonder if its earlobes will be as soft as its Daddy's?

That's it! We'll post pictures of my belly next week, and ultrasound pictures on Friday. Any guesses what it will look like this week? Maybe a Platypus?