Monday, May 9, 2011

1/2 Mother's Day

We had a jam-packed weekend; full-o-fun. We were down in Tucson Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. Friday night we enjoyed dinner with a few of our co-workers/friends, and then enjoyed hanging out with Ronnie's family a bit.

Then Saturday we enjoyed a morning with Ronnie's Grandma and Aunt Mary and then went to breakfast with Ronnie's brothers. Next up was a bridal shower for Ronnie's cousin, which was a blast. For each of his family members, Ronnie's mom and her sisters throw what they call an "Auntie Shower". And these ladies always do an unbelievable job. This shower was "beachy" since their wedding is in June, on the beach in Mexico. It was a blast, as all the Auntie Showers are.

After the shower Ronnie, his brothers, and I ran around getting stuff for Mother's Day (obviously for his mother!) And after the errands were over, it was time to get cleaned up and ready for a CysticLife fundraiser that we had. Our web guru, Mike, organized the whole event and it was a HUGE success. We were thrilled to see it all come together and look forward to this event in years to come (right, Mike ;-) !!)

And after what felt like a very short night of sleep, it was MOTHER'S DAY (or 1/2 Mother's Day as Ronnie and I celebrated it for this little momma to be). Ronnie, his brothers and I made breakfast for their mom. We enjoyed some blueberry pancakes, watermelon, and scrambled eggs. After a nice meal, we packed up, and headed up back home.

The rest of the day we spent laying around - and it was FABULOUS! I had a bit of an upset stomach Saturday night and all of Sunday, so laying around and napping was just what the doctor ordered. Ronnie and I didn't want to celebrate Mother's Day for me this year, since peanut isn't here yet, so instead we celebrated 1/2 Mother's Day. And while we didn't officially celebrate, Ronnie spoiled me all day by doing laundry, waiting on me, and showering me with praise - it was the best 1/2 Mother's Day anyone could ask for.

And while Ronnie already wished everyone a happy Mother's Day, I want to take a second to give my mom a specific Mother's Day shout out, since I wasn't able to spend the day with her (and between you and me, I didn't get her anything either because we'd probably need to take out a second mortgage on our house to pay for shipping!) Luckily my dad picked up the slack and spoiled her all day for me and my brother. But in case she didn't feel the love enough: Momma - Happy Mother's Day! You were the best mom, and have set the bar very high for me. I hope I can be half the mom you are.

So how did you celebrate Mother's Day?