Sunday, October 2, 2011

4 Weeks and Counting

AHHH that's right, only 4 weeks until D day!! As of Saturday, my due date was exactly 1 month away. I could not be more excited to be getting so close to meet this little love. I will miss having her inside me, with me all the time, feeling her every move, but I will LOVE being able to look at her sweet little face and hear her little cry!!

I have decided that the thing I will miss most about being pregnant, is feeling Peanut's every move. Somehow I feel like I am sharing special little moments with her that no one else knows about - like we have a little secret every time she nudges me, kicks my bladder, wiggles around to get comfy. But I will say, as Peanut gets bigger in my compact 5'2" torso, she is starting to impede upon my ribs a bit. For some reason, she LOOOOVES to snuggle both feet or her booty right up under my ribs on the right side. It's funny, never my left, always my right. The other day she was snuggling her booty up into my ribs like usual and I looked at Ronnie and said, "She must have my booty...I think she's 50% booty!" So in honor of Peanut, and her booty wiggle into my ribs, here's a little music video we made a couple years ago. Bring on that booty, Peanut, momma's ready to be snuggled for another 4 weeks, as long as you don't break my ribs :)