Monday, October 31, 2011

Mckenna Monday: My First Two Weeks

Mom's a little tired and can't think of what to write, so an easy solution was to just make Mandi Monday into Mckenna Monday. So I'll fill you guys in on what's new with me...just two weeks out of the womb.

Life has been good so far. I'm liking being home. My first few nights at home I had a bit of trouble sleeping. I got caught in this eating, pooping cycle, which didn't leave much time for sleep. But mom says I'm doing a really good job with feeding, I'm quick and have a good latch down. So we're cookin' with oil now!

Since coming home, I've been sleeping a ton. Each day I'm awake for longer and longer periods. But I still sleep away most the day. Sometimes I can muster up enough energy to open one eye, but then I'm out cold again. Although the last several days I've been up for 30 minute stretches, a few times a day. When I'm up I just take it all in. I study the face of the person who's holding me, we read books, we sing songs. I get a little over-stimulated sometimes, but for the most part I love when I wake up enough to play!

We have this dog that seems to follow me everywhere. If they leave me in my bassinet, I see her staring at me when I wake up. When it's time to eat, she sits next to mom and I. When I cry or make any sort of sound, she's right there staring at me again. I think we're going to be good playmates, if only I could figure out how to sit up or roll or something - I'm afraid just laying there isn't very fun for her.

I've really started to learn my hands. They did flop and jerk around, and I didn't have any real control of them. But now I totally get it. I can hold someone's finger when I want to, I can sit and run my hands and fingers on the skin of whoever's holding me, I even hold onto people's clothes from time to time. I think I'm going to like these if only I could use these things to feed, bath or clothe myself.

And the last little tid-bit I'll share is that I'm growing by leaps and bounds. Mom and dad called me Peanut for 9 months, and I'm afraid they jinxed me. I was born a whopping 6 lb 2 oz and 17 inches. No biggy though, I was 2 weeks early, so I didn't have that extra two weeks to pack on the pounds. I'm making up for it now though. In the last day or so, I have been eating NON STOP. Mom, dad, Nana and Papi all have commented how much bigger I look. My eyes don't focus enough from a distance to check myself out in the mirror to confirm, but judging by how snug some of my outfits are fitting, I think they just might be right. Later newborn clothes, hello 0-3 month sizes!

Welp, that's it for now. I'll update you all next week. Oh, and one more thing, any advice for a girl with an over-protective daddy? All I hear him say is, "you're not leaving the house til you're 30"...30? Really dad?