Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My compressor: Mobilaire 50 PSI

I get a lot of questions about my compressor, so I thought I would share some answers to those questions...

What type of compressor do you use?

I use a Mobilaire 50psi compressor from Invacare

Where did you get it?

I purchased it from an online durable medical equipment store

Did you need a doctor's prescription?


Can you use LC Plus tubing or tubing from other nebulizers?

I only use AeroEclipse tubing, but in general, nebulizer tubing is pretty universal with only a couple of exceptions.

What PSI setting should I use for each drug?  

I've run by all settings with my CF pharmacist, and as I understand it, if the med is dose dependent (ie antibiotic), then the recommended PSI would be 25. The CFF website only lists TOBI at 25 psi as that is the most common inhaled antibiotic on the market. 

Does the setting matter?

Whether it really matters or not could be up for interpretation. Considering that the compressors we're used to have a much lower PSI, one has to wonder whether or not we've been getting really effective treatments this whole time. They obviously are doing something at a lower psi, but is it ideal? Who knows, but it makes you wonder. 

Will it affect the effectiveness of the drug if it is at a "wrong" setting?

I don't think you have to worry to much about setting a drug at the "wrong" setting. Just follow the loose guidelines stated above and I have a feeling that you'll be fine.

Will it really make my treatments go faster??


How much time do your treatments take now?

Albuterol/Atrovent combo (double dose): 10-15 mins run at 30 psi
Hypersal: 15 mins run at 30 psi
Pulmozyme: 7-10 mins run at 30 psi
TOBI: 20 mins run at 25 psi

Is the compressor heavy?

Yes, heavier than any other compressor you're used to.

Is the compressor loud?

See answer above, just insert the word loud

Is this compressor expensive?

I've seen it sell anywhere from $250 to $400.

Would you recommend the Mobilaire to others?

Without a shadow of a doubt!


Do you have any questions that I didn't cover here? Ask them below!