Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Tell Myself...

I think a common myth among my friends and family, and possibly some of you out there, is that I really enjoy working out or exercising. Don't get me wrong, it's not something that I absolutely hate, but it certainly isn't something that I look forward to each day. Generally speaking, I talk myself into getting to the gym or lacing up my shoes to go for a run.

1. You've never regretted going to the gym. Sure, the 10 minutes before I actually get to the gym I go through about every excuse in the book as to why I shouldn't be going, but if I can actually get my butt in the car, it only gets easier. I actually start thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home from the gym even before I pull up in the parking lot, and I've found that can serve as somewhat of a motivation. I find if I can think of at least one thing that I really want to do after my workout, I tend to really push it and get through my workout as soon as possible. This usually means that I am very out of breath while exercising, but for someone who needs to breathe deep, that's a good thing!

2. You always take your deepest breaths while working out. Whether it's from running, doing box jumps or push-ups; I always breathe the deepest during workouts. And as only people with jacked up lungs can understand, man, that feels good! Can anybody out there reading this explain that sensation? You know, the feeling you get when you feel air get to places it hasn't been a while? More often than not, this is the feeling I get when I exercise. So in the regard, exercise is kind of like my drug, because the feeling I get from those deep breaths can't be beat by any narcotic.

3. If you don't push yourself, then shut your mouth. Like that one? One great benefit of having this blog, is that it holds me very accountable. I'll be the first one shouting from the rooftops that exercise is key in our battle with CF. Some people think it's too much and would rather me just shut up about it all, but I believe it in too much to be quite. Not only do I believe in it, but I live it. I've seen the amazing things it can do with lung function, energy and life. If I don't live it out in my daily life, how in the heck can I expect anyone else too?

4. Give 60 minutes for 60 years. Now, does pushing myself each day really guarantee that I'll be able to say that I lived a good 60 years? Of course not. Does it hurt my chances though? No way. It's all about putting myself in the best position to succeed and doing everything that I can to be the very best version of myself. I'm convinced that being faithful with exercise and treatments does just that, so I won't stop until I'm convinced otherwise. By the way, I better make it to at least 60...or Mandi will kill me!!

5. You're not doing this for you. I often hear people say "You've got to want it for you" before embarking on a life of treatments and exercise. Hogwash. The key is to do it, no matter who it's for. Do I love life? Sure. Do I love me? Yup. Do I love Mandi and Mckenna more than me and my little world combined times 1,000,000,000,000? You better believe it. If I'm ever out of energy to get up for the next workout, all I have to do is look my girls in the eye. There is no greater motivating factor on this earth.

So what about you? What do you tell yourself in order to "get up" for a workout?