Monday, May 21, 2012

This Kid Can Eat!

Our little love definitely takes after her parents when it comes to eating. She eats everything...and loves it. She loves everything about the process of eating. From the time you sit her in her bumbo and attach the tray, to when you pull out the baby food and spoon, until you start feeding her, she flails her arms and squeals. When you go to give her the first bite, it's like she can't get it into her mouth fast enough - as if we haven't fed her in weeks. She will try anything you put in front of her. She'll eat any fruit or veggie. She'll try licks of any food or sauce we're eating. If it's edible, she'll eat it.

So far she has some some preferences. Her favorites so far are avocado, apples and squash. She also totally dug licks of peppered beef sauce, curry, you name it! We don't give her more than a lick of these things, yet, to avoid tummy upsets, but we have her try pretty much everything.

We make some of her food and use jarred baby food. It just depends on the food. I would make all of her food, but sometimes laziness gets the best of me. The thing I like about making my own food is that I can vary the texture (she likes some chunk in her food) and there's something nice about it being made fresh. However, it is a bit annoying trying to make small portions (I'd prefer not to freeze and thaw) and sometimes I'm just plain LAZY!

Mckenna doesn't only love the food, but the means by which she eats as well. She LOVES spoons. She's constantly trying to "help" us feed her by holding the spoon while we feed her. And then after each meal she likes to "clean the spoon" AKA sitting and sucking on the spoon while mom throws away/cleans the bowls or jars.

So all that said, I'll share a video of our little eater eating avocado...her favorite.

....Ok so as you can see, something was amiss! We thought maybe it was the garlic strainer we resorted to to get it "mashed"(We were struggling - normally it will just mash with a fork). But upon tasting it, we realized that it was SO hard to mash because it was NOT AT ALL RIPE (we thought our veggie drawer froze it a bit). WHOOPS!! Apparently avocado that's not ripe tastes AWFUL!