Monday, June 11, 2012

(Almost) Back in the Saddle

As I posted last week, I was struggling to get back into the workout groove after vacation, so I set some goals. I promised I'd report back, so here I sit...reporting.

My goal was to run 4 times, lift weights 3 times and evening walks. Well I'm happy to report I get a B+. I got the hard stuff in. I did 4 runs, and lifted 3 times. We did go for a couple family walks, but they weren't in the evening and they weren't daily. Time of day obviously doesn't matter, but number does. So This week I need to step that up.

It felt awesome getting back at it. I will say though, I made the mistake of lifting on my legs on Saturday morning, and it reminded me EXACTLY why I don't lift on my legs...ever. I tend to totally overdo it, and then my legs are incredibly sore for the next 3-4 days. Sore muscles are good. They show that whatever you're doing it working. The problem is that really sore leg muscles don't exactly bode well for running. So last night, I did a shorter run, to just get my run in, but only did 2.5 instead of 3. I ran like Frankenstein the whole time, but I was glad I at least got out and did it. Needless to say, I will be neglecting my legs in my lifting routine once more though!

This week my goals are similar but I'm going to up them a bit. I want to run 4 times, lift 4 times, and go for a family walk every day. I already got one walk in this morning, so far, so good! Ha!

Other than that, life is nothing new; work, child-rearing, working out, and occasionally cleaning the house (anyone else let the cleaning go a smidge with young kids? Yikes! It's always picked up, but clean, clean...not so much).

Oh, one exciting thing. I think we are going to go look at some bikes today. We got come cheapy ($80-$100) beach cruisers when we got married, but needless to say cheapy bikes don't quite hold up. So we are going to invest in some bikes that will actually last, and buy a kids seat, so family walk time can be family bike ride time some days! I'm pretty excited! We're dubbing them anniversary, mother's day, father's day gifts...because, no, we haven't gotten each other anything for any of those occasions, pathetic, I know.

That's about it! Hopefully next week I'll report an A+ and have some pictures of new bikes :)