Monday, June 4, 2012

Game Face

Harumph! I feel like a sluggish lard! Getting back into town after a vacation always means struggling to fall back into a good routine for me. As Ronnie posted, we often feel like we need a vacation after our vacations (especially with a little one who keeps mommy up a lot in the night while traveling). I'll be the first to admit, vacation doesn't bode well when it comes to exercise. I put it off. I'm on the go doing other things. I simply don't care enough to fit it in. I did run a bit while in Singapore, but I have yet to run since being home (yeah, bad, I know!)

But I'm putting my game face on. I'm gearing up. I'm getting psyched, and I'm telling myself from here on out, it's back into the exercise groove. Do you ever do that? Totally psych yourself up for getting into the groove? Part of it for me is that I am genuinely excited to get back into a groove. The other part of it I fake, so I can convince myself it won't be awful buckling down! Don't you just love being able to play mind games with yourself? Ha!

So here's my plan for getting back in the groove...

1. Get running - My goal is to run 3-4 miles 4 days this week. I don't care what pace, I just care about the distance. I'm hoping to get back into my 5AM run schedule that I was in last summer. It will luckily be a bit easier as it will be without my running buddy in my belly!

2. Get lifting - Ronnie and I will get to the gym to lift 3 times this week! This may be interesting for Mckenna. The last few weeks separation anxiety has started to set it may mean some rough child care experience for Mckenna, but as my mom said, "if she cries when you're away, it just means you should go away more often." Ha!

3. Get walking - I want to get in some evening family strolls with Ronnie and Mckenna in the evenings. This is both for extra exercise, and family bonding time!

So there is it. I'll post next Monday on how I did. So here's to 4 runs, 3 gyms, 6 walks!