Monday, June 25, 2012

Mckenna Monday: Skills and Personality

Well guys, I apologize for my post posting a bit late this morning, I'll blame my mom. I can't get on the computer by myself, even though whenever it's sitting unattended, I try. Anyways, I'll tell you what's new with me because I'm changing so much that even I realize it.

First things first, I'm able to really move now. I am all over the house now, crawling around. I hear a lot of giggles when I crawl, whether it's at home, the gym child care, or church child care, but that's ok, it works for me. My crawl just has style. Mom says she thinks it's because I spend most my time on tile, so I'm saving my knees, but I just do what I do and don't care why. It works for me! I am quick and I get where I'm going, and I LOVE it! I usually like to announce when I'm coming into a room and moving through the halls. I yell and squeal as I make my way places. It's fun to hear my voice echo and then mom and dad know where I am.

I also have learned to pull up on things. I started about 6 weeks ago pulling up for a seated position, but a few weeks back I learned how from laying down, so I can just crawl over to something and boom, I'm up. I LOVE IT. I get so proud when I pull up onto something and mom and dad see me standing there all by myself. I can pull up on couches, toys, furniture, sliding glass doors, my crib, you name it. I love see what I can get up on. Mom and dad say I'm brave all the time. Usually that comment comes before or after I am standing holding onto one piece and turn around and dive for another. It generally doesn't end well, but I try and try again. When I fall, mom and dad say "Kaboom" and usually that makes me feel ok about the tumble and I don't cry. I'm tough. I bonk my head and I get back up. But sometimes it just hurts too much and I do cry. I kind of like when that happens because they scoop me up and then I feel better.

I have had a lot of firsts this last week. I rode on a bike for the first time. WAY cool. I love feeling the wind in my hair...well on my bald scalp. I also LOVE that I can see my dad riding next to mom and I. I wave at him sometimes and he waves back. It's so fun! Also, this weekend I swam in Nana and Papi's pool for the first time. It was SO fun. I have a little lady bug raft that I play in. It even has a little sun shade. And in their pool I did the neatest thing. My daddy took me, and put me UNDER the water!! I was a bit shocked the first time. And then when I came up, everyone cheered and clapped and gave me high fives (yeah, I have mastered the high five. I don't quite get why when you do something good, you hit the palm of someone elses' hand, but I amuse my parents and when they put their hand up and say, "high five," I hit their hand and smile). Once I saw what a good job I did and how much everyone loved it, I smiled really big. So daddy did it a few more times. It's pretty neat. Daddy blows on my face so I hold my breath and then he puts me in head first like I'm diving and pops me right back up. It is SO fun. Each time he did it I smiled bigger and bigger afterwards because I got more comfortable and loved it. It's kind of hard to explain how we do it, but it's fun!!

Lastly, mom and dad say I'm goofy and silly. I don't know what that means, but I do love to make them laugh and do things just to make them laugh. For example, I like to gargle things in my mouth (see video at the bottom), like water and my own spit up. I love the sound and I like that it makes mom and dad laugh. I also like to make funny sounds. I do it for me mostly, but I especially like when one will make mom laugh, and then I just do it over and over til she doesn't laugh at it again. Sometime she then makes the same sound and it makes me laugh!

Oh, and one more thing, we play this game where mom and dad make a sound, and I try to make it too. I sometimes do it perfectly and sometimes not so much, but they say, "Goood try" and so I feel like I'm close so I just keep trying. It's fun.

I'll leave you with me gurgling. Enjoy!