Monday, July 30, 2012

Short and Sweet

No, I'm not talking about Mckenna...or Ronnie...hehe...I'm talking about my Mandi Monday. As you can maybe guess by the time this blog was posted, it's a bit of a crazy day. Usually I write my blog the day before or first thing in the morning, but things have been a bit nutty around here, so I'm just quickly going to throw some updates into a blog and run onto the next thing.

Mckenna seems to be coming down with a little cold. You know the drill, stuffy sounding, snot trickling, cries more easily, red rimmed eyes. She doesn't have much of a temp (99.5), yet, so hopefully this is just a quick come and go little bug. We will see.

Ronnie's headed in for a tune-up sometime this week (sorry if the cat wasn't out of the bag yet honey). So we are scrambling to get things wrapped up around the house and work for him to be gone. As always, Mckenna and I will split our time between Phoenix and Tucson. I'm totally dreading single-momming it, but I know it's what's best for him and for us, so I'm thankful he is able to go in and get all tuned up. I'm fortunate to have my bro and sister-in-law and brother-in-law close by so I have help. It's a blessing and a curse that Mckenna is just now getting sick. It means maybe that Ronnie will avoid whatever she has, or if he has come into contact with the same thing, he'll get it nipped in the bud really fast.

Other than that, everything is same old same old. Mckenna does have a super cute new trick (yes, we have turned into those "do tricks" parents). When you say to her, "what does a monkey say?" she says "ah ah ah ah" in this breathy, panting sort of way. It is adorable!!!

Welp, that's all I have...lame-o, I know. Since I'm so lame, leave so love and tell me all the awesome things you're doing this week!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, bummer about the cold but hope she feels better quickly! Good luck and God bless you while you fly solo for a while. As for the monkey sounds ... totally adorable. When Liam was little he would almost growl his words and I am sure he got tired of speaking on command! As always, thanks for the fun morning read and we will keel you all in our prayers!

Tara said...

Wait until you teach her the elephant with the arm and sound and everything! That's a fun one.

I'm packing this week. Not fun, but it will be. I did a 25 day tune up this month just to get ready for August. I gained a whopping 2% in FEV1 but I'm much clearer than before. I'm one point above baseline. Woot!