Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun Week - Fun Toys

Last week was so much better than Ronnie's first week in the Hole. Mckenna is feeling better...no more firey poops that leave her little bum tender, no more cold. So things last week were actually, dare I say, enjoyable! I had time to easily get my hours in for work between naps and after Mckenna went down, so when she was up it was just plain old fun time. Some must haves to make the week fun:

1. Play Tent - My friend, Angie, had a play tent set up at her house, and Mckenna just LOVED it. So when we got home, I set up the play tent that we had in the closet (Ronnie bought it a few months ago on a sale site deal...cheap AND fun...BIG WIN). Mckenna loves it. She climbs down the tunnel and shrieks with delight as she enters the tent. We have balls and books in there. So she sits and "reads" and throws the balls around. She loves being in there alone or with momma. And in case you're confused...I have no idea who those kids are - I grabbed this from the internet...but who knows, maybe that will be what Mckenna looks like playing in it in the future ;-)

2. Books - Ahh, novel (no pun intended) idea, right? Well, it's a new thing around here. Mckenna doesn't sit still...ever. She doesn't sit and snuggle, even with momma. But this last week, she started being willing to sit still for a bit to read a book. Usually you have to be extra animated and let her turn the pages (even when it's not quite time to turn the page), but it's progress. Her favorite book is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She likes when you show her the spider on each page and she gets REALLY close to the page when you show her the spider and he's really little. It's so cute. My favorite is if you read in a bit of a sing-songy voice, she dances as if you're singing the actual song - it's adorable. I also cherish her sitting on my lap, even if it's just for a few minutes. I get to snuggle while nursing her, but that will be over in a couple months, so I like knowing I'll have another time to snuggle during the day once nursing is done.

3. Train - This isn't a totally new one, but she's still really into her train. It's a really neat train that you can do all sorts of things with. Mckenna has figured out how to push the blocks into the slot and have them shoot out the back, which she really loves. She also loves to push the train over and try to climb over it...I swear she looks like King Kong each time the whole scenario unfolds. Nana got her this train about a month ago now, but it just never gets old. She loves sitting and riding on it, as well as using it as a walker. It lights up, plays music and has a ton of different things to do with it. This will be a favorite for a long while.

4. Pop Up Toy - My girlfriend let us borrow some toys, and this was one of them. Mckenna quickly mastered the art of putting them all down, but is still learning how to get them back up. She has now figured out that the middle button is easy - you just push it and it makes it pop up. So it never fails that every time she crawls by the toy, she quickly makes the middle animal pop up, pushes it down, pop up, back down, and on she goes. It's like it's a little confidence booster for her - like, "yup, I still got it." It's so cute. I'm excited for her to learn the other "buttons" because she will feel like a major smarty pants when she can do ALL of them.

So that's what we're up to around here. Just playing and learning! It was a fun week. I am still eager to have Ronnie home with us, but if this week is as smooth as last week, Mckenna and I have got this in the bag :)