Monday, August 27, 2012

Old Fogeys Do Date Night

It was dark. We were in the car. We didn't have a baby in the backseat. Are we in a time warp? Did we forget Mckenna somewhere? We were on a date. At night. WEIRD!

Saturday night, we decided, was date night. We arranged to have Ronnie's brother, Andrew, and his awesome girlfriend, Kirsten come watch Mckenna while we had a hot (Ha!) date. Since Mckenna goes down so early (around 6:45pm most nights), we just decided to wait til she was in bed, and then head out on the town.

Let me back up a bit though, so you don't miss the pathetic parts. So Saturday afternoon we decided to start planning our date. We first thought a couple's massage would be nice (we were both sore from our workouts last week). So we called from place to place and places were either closed, fully booked, or didn't have couple's massages. So we considered a movie. But any movies that started after 7pm wouldn't get us home until after 9:30pm, which was our cut off because we have an early "set" bedtime so we are able to wake up early (part of our new workout and eating routine) without being dead tired. So movies were out. We're on a "strict" meal plan (Ronnie moreso than myself, but still eating healthy none the less), so eating out wasn't an option. And we don't "go out for drinks" so that wasn't in the cards either. We joked about "going out for our drinks" but we figured the waitress wouldn't be very happy about us taking up her table for two glasses of water...with lime if we got CRAZY! So there we sat. Losers (ha!). We both laughed at how old and boring we had become. We joked about taking a 2 hour bike ride. We thought about going for coffee at a cafe we had seen once that we made note of but had no clue if it was open or exactly where it was. We maybe had more fun trying to plan the date (mainly due to all the loser, old fogey jokes it fueled) then we used to have on old date nights.

We decided on bowling. We had heard good things about this one bowling alley, so we decided to go. I think Ronnie was eager in part because he's a good bowler and knew it would stroke his ego a bit, but I didn't let on :) When we got to the bowling alley, we realized there was also an arcade inside. While we waited the 30 minutes for our lane, we played each other in arcade games. It was a blast. Then it was our time to bowl. Ronnie totally killed me in all four of our games. He's actually a great bowler (I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult HAHA). One game he had 5 strikes in a row...needless to say he like quadrupled my score that game. We laughed. We snuggled (ew PDA, I know). We joked. We reconnected. It was fabulous!!! We had such a blast. I was so glad that movies were too late, dinners too unhealthy, massages too booked, and cafes too hidden. This was the perfect date night.

I know people always say how important date night is. I even know it in the back of my mind. But we rarely make time for dates these days. Ronnie and I spend SO much time together (we both work from home, and most our hobbies we do together), so sometimes it's easy to forget that dates and time spent together are two different things. It helps to see your partner in another light (dare I say more romantic?). It really helps reconnect on a different level.

Date nights are happening more often around here.

And oh yeah, Uncle Schmeegs (Andrew...we'll explain the nick name sometime) and Auntie Kirsten didn't let the house burn down! Mckenna was still in her bed when we got home, she hadn't made a peep!