Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Question from a Reader: What can I say?

Another great question and I'm sure far too often occurring situation in the CF community. I can understand his frustration and confusion during these events and with the "CF Life" in general:

My problem is my son, who is now 10, and has had a lot of horrible experiences with lab draws but of course needs to get them at least once a year if not more. Beyond being a hard stick he gets anxious so the more time drawn out looking for veins the more he fights. Our regular lab flat out refused to draw his blood work today because 4 technicians couldn't find a vein and when one went in to attempt to do a draw on what he though was a vein [Child's name] refused to hold still. The day pretty much left both of us in frustrating tears. 
He argues the point of "Why do I need to have all these sticks if I don't feel sick?" I don't know whether to say "CF is doing more damage than you realize and watching it now may prevent major problems later" or "While we are responsible for you , you'll get the tests we feel will benefit your health". Both sound harsh but I don't know where else to go with it.

"While we are responsible for you , you'll get the tests we feel will benefit your health". That was pretty much my mom's response while growing up. My roof, my rules and under my roof, your health is number one. We can choose to be proactive, reactive or non active. And under my roof, we're proactive. Also, there is nothing wrong with rewarding good behavior and not rewarding behavior that isn't acceptable.

[Child's name], when you hold still and are brave for the blood draws today, you can pick the restaurant that we go to afterwards.

With that said, next time 3 technicians can't find a vein, you can feel free to "protect" your son and step in and say "I'm sorry, but 3 different techs not being successful is good for today. We'll reschedule and hopefully have better luck next time"

Be sure he is drinking a TON of water on the days he's going to get a stick to really pump up those veins.

And last, nobody walking the earth with CF was perfect as a teen/pre-teen. We'll all make mistakes. Make stupid decisions, etc. What we love though, without saying it, is when our parents put our health number one and love up on us 24 hours a day.

There is no greater love in my opinion than a CF mom holding the line and doing what's best for her CF child and other children of course!!