Monday, February 11, 2013

Back on the Wagon

It's about that time...time to get back on the wagon. January was a wacky month for us. Between Ronnie's tune up and traveling for a speaking engagement, and the three of us being down and out with colds (and pink eye for Mckenna) the last two weeks, it has been a bit wacky during January and the beginning of this month for working out.

I made the choice not to get to the gym as much while Ronnie was gone, I wasn't bound and gagged in the house while he was gone. Ha! All excuses aside, I could have done more. But the beauty of a spouse that works out is that you push each other to go, and I'm just not as good without my better half around.

Ronnie and Mckenna are still sick, but it's time for this momma to get back on the pony. I need to get back into the gym something fierce. I haven't totally let my muscles atrophy to mush, but much longer and I may have trouble lifting a fork to my face...and that would be awful :) Thankfully when I did workout (which I should mention was 3 or so days a week...which isn't awful, just way less than I'm used to), I would push myself hard. So my muscles still got a challenge, but the frequency was lacking.

I will be pushing myself this week and going every day, but I need to be a little smart about it. My mom and I are running another half marathon Sunday, so I need to be a bit strategic about what I I keep muscles from getting too sore or fatigued before Sunday. I think I can lift my upper body and core decently hard, but need to avoid to much intense stuff on my legs. I will say, we are just running it for fun again (I haven't run more than a few times between the last half and this one...and we didn't train for that one either - HA! So we aren't expecting to break any records), but I also can't have my legs be totally dead. I figure I can just work out decently hard and just push through on Sunday, but totally dead legs will make that a challenge. Sore upper body I can handle!

So why am I writing a blog about it? I want you to hold me accountable. I will be working out Monday through Friday on weights and light cardio and then doing the half on Sunday. I will report back on Monday. If I didn't do it...flog and stone me, will ya?! I figure if I put it out there, I will have to. Who wants to fail publicly, right?! Hehe!

Am I the only one that finds it impossibly hard to get back into the groove once you're out of it? Have any tips you want to send my way?