Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not Back On the Wagon

Unlike my very awesome wife, I am not back on the wagon! I have been battling a virus/cold, in the hospital or traveling since December 23rd, 2012 and my exercise life has certainly suffered for it.

Yeah, I've been to the gym now and again. Went on the occasional walk or bike ride. Heck, I even ran in the hotel gym, but I have not come close to the workout pace I set in 2012. A good part of 2012 I was in the gym 5 days minimum and usually 6. I endured some of the toughest workouts I have ever done. I pushed myself like never before. I was incredibly consistent. So far, 2013 has not been the same.

I'm not an excuse guy, so I won't give you a COMPLETE one, but I will say this. About 50% of the available days I could have gone to the gym were "no way" days. In other words, I was too sick to safely work out either for myself or for others. 25% of those days were "I probably could, but if I push it, I may set myself back" days. I did in fact push it on some of those days that then the days after became "no way" days. It may be generous, but I'd say 25% of the days were probably "It won't feel good, but I can do it" days. Of those days, I probably went half of the time.

So what are we talking here? Well, by my calculations, I've been a slacker for 12.5% of 2013. This is obviously not acceptable to me, my family or anyone counting on me to kick booty. I must improve.

It won't feel good to start, but starting is key. Even if it's just .5 miles or a short lifting routine or a couple box jumps. I've got to get moving. I don't think I'm at 100% health right now, not even talking CF stuff, but sometimes, 100% doesn't come.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of taking that first step and not looking back.