Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Mom's Strength

I get asked often about my mom by readers of this blog. Questions like "how did she feel about you having CF?", "was she strict?", and most common, "what was her secret to being such a good (CF) mom?". Well, her response to yesterday's blog pretty much sums up everything you need to know about my mom. She sent me a very sweet email that makes it very clear where her strength came from to parent a child...especially a child with CF...born in 1980...not exactly the "heyday" for CFers.

Thanks, Ronnie, for your kind words and loving me. You made me cry. I never felt like I was the best mom (you do have your stories!), I sure made plenty of mistakes, but I did TRY to do my best. I put your health in the hands of God then as I do today. Doesn't mean that I didn't take CF seriously, that treatments and medications weren't of the utmost importance, or that I stopped praying everyday for you...but God has a plan and I accept His plan and by the grace of God...go WE. And look what a fantastic man, husband and father you've become. I am a proud Mama...and Grandma!! 

I can tell you this, the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree.

Love you Mom.