Monday, February 25, 2013

Tantrums and Giggles

Mckenna is creeping up on the terrible twos. Over the last couple months she has started in on the tantrums and being opinionated. I am not naive enough to assume this is the worst it will get, so that is why I say we are just creeping up on the terrible twos. I will say, as of now, she does a good job recovering from a tantrum. She has learned pretty fast that when she throws herself to the ground, she gets ignored, and then she just feels a little silly. Occasionally I can even give her a little glance like she's being totally silly, and she will start to laugh. So thankfully her tantrums come and go quickly.

The one blessing about the tantrums starting is that it's just another sign that she's becoming her own person, with her own likes and dislikes. That may be a strange way to look at tantrums, but it's true. It goes along with her increased personality, her goofiness, her verbal skills (this girls talks as much as her momma, which if you know me...that's A LOT). So I'll take the tantrums if it means I get to see more of my little girl coming out. The top tantrum causing events:

- End of bath time - I don't really blame her. If you've ever gotten out of a bath, shower, or pool in AZ, you know it's COLD. She usually throws a bit of a fit, until she's dry and snuggled in her daddy's arms to go get her PJs on.

- Anything to do with her car seat - Sometimes she doesn't want to get in her car seat, sometimes she doesn't want to get out. Most the time she throws a total fit while in her car seat. I'm hoping that when she is no longer rear-facing she will like her car seat better, but who knows. If one of us holds her hand she's usually content, but obviously we can't exactly hold her hands the whole ride, every ride.

- Time to come inside - Mckenna LOVES to play outside. She isn't thrilled when the dog goes out to go potty and she can't go. Or when she's been playing outside and it's time to come inside. She usually melts into a puddle next to the door until she realizes she's not going to get to go outside as a result of her fit and moves on to something else.

- Diaper time - As we have mentioned, Mckenna in mid-potty training, so her diaper comes off quite a bit. She's still too small for pull ups, so it has to come all the way off and then get put back on. Well she is not a fan of the process. She will occasionally very sweetly sit down when you tell her to sit down so she can get her diaper on, but usually you watch her little naked tushy go running, usually with a huge smile on her face. But all fun and games are over (in her mind) when you wrestle her to the ground and force her to stay there until her diaper is on.

So anyways, at least all those little tantrums just mean she's growing up and becoming a little lady with her own little personality. And one thing I love about her little personality is that she is happy, playful, and goofy. I love playing with her and being goofy and playful with her. So I'll take the tantrums if it means I get to experience her personality. Here's my favorite part of our days being silly and making a fool of myself for a laugh: