Monday, March 11, 2013

Random Ramblings

We don't really have anything new going on around here to report, but it's Mandi Monday, so by golly, I'm going to write a blog...rambling and random as it may seem.

Ronnie and I both posted recently about stepping up our exercise. We both have followed through. I have been lifting in the mornings with my brother at 4:30am 4 days a week, and then in the afternoons Ronnie and I do some cardio together or on our own at the same time. As we've probably posted before, Ronnie isn't the biggest fan of running with me (yeah, I know, it sounds harsh, but I get it. I am quite the peppy exercise mate, and when you're feeling like you want to die, peppy isn't who you want to see! HA!) So on running days, we do something independently (usually), and on cross-training days we do something together. It's been going really well and feels really good! I am so proud of Ronnie for pushing himself in his runs and feeling really good that I've been able to push myself to be up and at the gym at 4:30am!

Mckenna is a bundle of energy and emotions. It is so fun to watch her grow and change. Last week was a bit rough, full of tantrums. But we may have a solution (for now). Mckenna has been stuck between needing 2 naps and 1 for awhile now. Last week we tried going to just one nap, and man was it a long week. She was only sleeping for 1 hour for her 1 nap, and that was simply just not enough sleep. As of Friday we decided to just try for 2 naps again and see if she wouldn't protest the naps and sure enough, she did a great job. She went down for naps sooner after getting up and slept longer. I think she was just thankful that she was getting to sleep and wake up happy! YIPPEE!! Our little monster is at least better rested and is having only 20% of the tantrums...thank goodness! Oh terrible twos, how I'm not looking forward to you!

We are total Bachelor fans. Yup. I said it. We record it. We usually watch it with Josh and Chrissy on Monday's as soon as I'm home from my high school girls small group (that I lead...not that I am in..ha!) Josh usually sleeps or works through it, but comes to hang out. Although the last few weeks he has just stayed home to sleep since we've been up at 4:30am. All that to say, I'm SUPER excited to talk The Bachelor tonight. For those of you who don't follow it, tonight is the night he picks the final girl that he will be with forever...or the next 2-3 months :) We know it's silly and we know the show never finds love for these people, but we love it anyway! HA!

Other than that, everything is pretty much business as usual!