Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Daddy's Girl & March

It's thankful Thursday time! We all have so much to be thankful for and we love to take this opportunity just to write down each and everything that comes to mind. Please take this time to share with us what you're thankful for as well. If you have a blog expressing your thankfulness, please share the link! Without further ado, here's what we're thankful for:

Mandi's List:

I'm thankful for Ronnie. He helps me so much around the house and is always willing to take over on Mckenna duty. I am really blessed to be married to someone who is always so helpful.

I'm thankful for my little daddy's girl. Mckenna is a daddy's girl through and through, especially right now. When she gets hurt, only daddy can comfort her. When she's looking to snuggle, daddy is who she wants. I absolutely love that she has turned into a total daddy's girl. It's really wonderful for both of them.

I'm thankful for water. Sometimes nothing tastes better than a HUGE glass of water. I know this one is kind of odd, but we live in the desert...what do you expect?

Ronnie's List:

I'm thankful for March. March is one of my favorite months of the year here in Arizona. The weather is perfect. Everything is greening up and growing. The birds are chirping. And of course, March Madness is upon us. I just hope that my Cats can play well today and get a crack at New Mexico.  

I'm thankful for a good girl for the doctor. Mckenna has something going on with her arm, so we took a trip to see the doctor. The doctor thought it would be best to get x-rays, and so after leaving the doctor's office, it was straight to the radiologist. Mckenna was such a good girl while getting her "special pictures" taken.

I'm thankful for TV. Now that my little brother is without TV service, I see how fortunate we are to have it. This also means he's around more though which is always a good thing!!

So, what are you thankful for today?