Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Videos

We had a fun weekend just hanging out as a family. Ronnie's brothers were around a lot this weekend (Grant came up and stayed for the weekend and Andrew came by most days). We also hung out with Josh and Chrissy quite a bit. It was awesome.

In hanging around the house just playing, I caught some funny moments with Mckenna on video. ENJOY!!

The first video is a total mommy fail. Mckenna saw Uncle Grant have a lollipop the day before this, so I let her have one. Well the next day (when this video happened) Mckenna was playing in the pantry while I made dinner. She came out of the pantry with a lollipop, unwrapped, in hand, with a big smile on her face. I tried hard to be stern so she'd know she couldn't just eat them whenever she pleased, but I was too impressed that she got it out and unwrapped, that I let her have it. Not too mention I couldn't stop laughing!

Mckenna talks on the "phone" to people all the time...she loves talking to her uncles and aunts and grandparents...All at the same time!

This one band camp...