Monday, April 8, 2013

A Weekend "Vacation"

Ronnie was out of town from Friday-Sunday, so it was going to be just me and my baby home alone. I didn't think that sounded fun (I never do...I get spooked) so I thought it would be a perfect time to spend the weekend at my parents'.

So Friday after dropping Ronnie off at the airport, Mckenna and I headed up to my parents' house for a little weekend "vacation". Mckenna totally LOVES being with her Nana and Papi and all the fun things there are to do at their house. Friday afternoon my mom and I ran some errands, while Mckenna and Papi got to spend some quality one-on-one time. They played and even snuggle up for a nap together!

Saturday we had a fun-filled day. We walked to a park with Nana and played. We swam in the pool with Papi. We watched endless amounts of songs on YouTube. And mommy got to go for a nice bike ride on Nana's new street bike with Papi. It was a blast.

Sunday was another active-packed day full of swimming, walks, playing, you name it, until we went to get daddy at the airport in the late afternoon. When we got back to our house, the three of us went for a nice bike ride and played at the park, played at home, had dinner, took a bath, and Ronnie and Mckenna snuggled up before bedtime.

Mckenna is totally in love with being in the pool. She asks to go in the "poo" (pool) and loves "mimming" (swimming). As soon as she's in she asks for her toys and is ready for a good time. She is just getting the hang of putting her face in the water and loves blowing bubbles. We need to get her into some swim lessons so she can be a little fishy in their pool in no time.

It is so incredibly nice to have my parents close. It was amazing to get to spend time with them for my sake, and for Mckenna's sake. It warms my heart so much to see the little relationships she has with her Nana and Papi. They each have their own little things they do together, and really just their own little unique bond. I totally love watching them together and I REALLY appreciate all of their love, support, and help for this single-momma for the weekend. We are so blessed!