Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Love College Towns

Whenever I'm lucky enough to travel to a college town, I absolutely love it! There's just such a different vibe between a town with a university as it's pulse than a big city or a town without a college.

I was in Columbia, MO this weekend and was able to take a tour around town and spend some time on the campus of the University of Missouri. I also walked up and down "the strip" to see all of the local watering holes, pizza places and college apparel stores. It's funny how "the strip" changes from college to college yet stays the same. Know what I mean?

These days you have to have your Fro-Yo place, pizza place, some type of asian cuisine, usually American Apparel (or a store much like it), and so on and so forth. Just like the same big box stores like to stay together, so do the typical college strip stores.

I also LOVE to see the stadiums and arenas on campus. As you know, I'm a sports nut and nothing makes me happier than a cool looking football stadium. (I also saw where the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals play and their stadiums just don't do it for me). I don't know if it's the architecture, the story behind the stadium or just my vision of it packed with 1000's who love their team, but I do know I thoroughly enjoy them. In fact, when I'm hospitalized down in Tucson, I also make sure to swing by the football stadium on the University of Arizona campus to see if there is anything new.

Campus tours are also something I really enjoy. Campus tours on the east coast or midwest are even more awesome because of the age of their buildings. UofM actually reminded me quite a bit of UofA with the red brick buildings outlining a big strip of grass (we call it "the mall"). UofM however in general just has much prettier buildings. Here's a few pics:

So anyway, pretty random, but that was my weekend. Big thanks to the folks at University of Missouri Children's Hospital for inviting me to speak to their folks at the CF Education Day!!