Monday, August 26, 2013

A Love Affair

This weekend Ronnie was out of town for a speaking gig, so Mckenna and I kicked it at home, just two crazy girls living the dream! The weekend was surprisingly smooth. Ronnie and I joke that Mckenna may be built for a single parent. She seems to do better when she's with just one of all us day (vs. how we usually do it, splitting the day in two). Perhaps she just knows that she can get away with less because, at least mom, doesn't have the patience for a day full of shenanigans, but my guess is it speaks to the power of more undivided attention (look out if there's another Sharpe in the future, she may STRUGGLE). Regardless, she does well with a day or two of focused mommy or daddy time. So she was quite the companion this weekend.

On Friday night I put her down and did my usual routine when Ronnie travels: sat on my tush engulfed in the endless vacuum that is the internet. I saw on Facebook a friend posted a music video her friend had made, "based on the blog, 40 days of dating." Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I decided to see what the blog was. I went to it, and I fell in love. The premise is that two friends found themselves single at the same time and decided to try dating, for 40 days. They set rules. And then they started blogging about the journey. It is SO addictive and so fascinating. For those who don't know me personally, I love to psychoanalyze people. Yes, I'm one of those people. Forgive me ;-) I love to read between the lines. I love to figure out what is really driving people. I enjoy watching someone's past manifest in their future. I love it all. The crazy awesome part about this blog, is that they both blog their perspectives, but they don't see what the only one has written (as they both have a scribe). It is the most fascinating look into dating that I've seen. You see how they talk past each other. You get a look into how the other is (over)reacting based on how they think the other feels...but are usually way off the mark about the other's feelings. I read the whole thing. I couldn't stop. It is also cool because they are both artsy types who love creating. They live in NYC. They illustrate the blog. They post creative videos and pictures they've created. It's just a look into two types of people and lives that are so different from my own. I read the whole blog, "cover to cover"...I devoured it.

It got me thinking. What would happen if I brought this experiment into my marriage? No, Ronnie and I aren't dating other people for 40 days (although I'm certain it would add a bit of drama to this otherwise sleepy blog). Instead, I've convinced Ronnie to "date me" for 40 days (even though he hasn't stopped mocking my idea - Ha!). We haven't set all our ground rules yet, so I'm not sure how it will look, but I think it will be fun. As I told Ronnie, "this could be a lame, epic fail, or one of the coolest things we've done for our marriage." We will see how that goes...regardless, Ronnie is quite certain I have lost my marbles, as I've thrown out enough rules to make me maybe the most demanding "date" on earth. HA! We will keep you posted on that front if we have anything of note that stems from it.

Anyways, the point of the post was to tell you to check out the'll wake you up after your stop here at sleepy town ;-)