Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank You Germ Factory

Nothing is new in the Sharpe household, so I will just ramble about small happenings this weekend.

On Friday morning Mckenna refused to eat breakfast. Not a bite. I thought perhaps she was trying to hurry breakfast along because I told her we could play in the rain after breakfast - it never rains, so we are excited and fascinated with rain. Anyways, it was raining and I opened the door so we could see it and hear it. But that wasn't good enough. After she sat without eating for a while, I said we could be all done with breakfast for a bit and go play in the rain. "Mommy go?" she asked. I was hoping she wouldn't ask. It was cold out. But I knew she wanted a playmate. "Sure. Mommy will come too." I didn't really want to worry about peeling off soaking wet clothes, so I stripped us both down to our skivvies before heading into the backyard (yes, we were both in our underwear in the rain, you have now been warned to not show up to our house unannounced). A bit of an embarrassing fact to share, but this move would prove to be a life saver in about 10 minutes. We ran around for a few minutes before Mckenna finally agreed that it was a bit too chilly to play in the rain. So we came back inside. I got her wrapped in a towel and popped a piece of egg into her mouth. "My tummy hurts," she said after swallowing. She then proceeded to vomit all over me, the kitchen counter, and the floor. It was at that moment I understood why she didn't eat breakfast and I felt pretty thrilled about the decision to strip us both down prior to heading outside. We just both jumped in the shower to hose off. Mckenna was a little off Friday, but as kids do, she bounced right back. I assumed it was a fluke.

Saturday, I had a long run scheduled. My dad and I met up and headed out for our 17-miler. It was a fairly uneventful 2.5 hours. I headed home feeling sweaty, accomplished, and ready for a bath. I took a bath and a shower, and headed out to the family room to snuggle up and watch a movie with Mckenna. As I laid there, my stomach started getting uneasy. I thought perhaps I hadn't had enough to eat or drink and that my stomach was fighting back after jostling for so long. I tried to eat toast and drink some water, but it started to build. The nausea got worse. It became obvious that Mckenna's episode the day before wasn't a fluke. That little germ factory is such a good little sharer, I tell you. For the next 10 hours I couldn't keep food or liquids down. By bedtime I was so stinkin' thirsty I wanted to cry. I knew I was probably really dehydrated since I had run for so long and hadn't really kept any liquids down since I had finished. "I will never take water for granted again," I told Ronnie in my desperation for a drink. I went to bed and woke up around 11:30 to try to drink again. Thankfully I was able to keep liquid down through the night and woke up feeling a lot better.

Ronnie is now waiting for his turn, but it's looks like he maybe escaped this one. I can tell he's choosing his meals wisely though…in case he gets to enjoy them twice!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. I know, it was pretty exciting and totally worthy of sharing. Now that you're bored to tears, you may go. I apologize for those 10 minutes you spent reading this that you'll never get back.