Monday, March 24, 2014

Faith Like a Child

I don't really have much to share today other than a little observation from the weekend. We've all heard the phrase, "faith like a child"…and it's so humbling (and inspirational) to watch.

Yesterday, Mckenna swam for the first time this season (it was finally warm enough to actually get all the way in my parents' pool). It was amazing. She was nervous, at first, to jump in off the side, something she loved to do last summer. But after a little time, and Ronnie and Papi (my dad) telling her it was ok, she jumped. And then there was no stopping her. She wanted to have tea parties underwater, touch her feet to the bottom, swim to the edge and pull herself up, swim across the pool underwater holding onto daddy and Papi. It was amazing. And the thing I kept thinking was, "she's trying all these things simply because she trusts her daddy." Common sense (and human instinct) tells us not to hold our breath under water for long periods of time, but daddy said it was safe, so she did it…over and over again.

It was a humbling reminder of all the fun and exciting things I could be doing if I just jumped in and trusted my (heavenly) father. What am I missing out on being too scared to make the first jump? How's that for a short and deep blog for a Monday?!

I'll leave you with this: