Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Today's Workout

We talk all the time on the blog about how much we love our Intensity class at the gym. It's 45 minutes worth of butt kicking. I thought today's workout was a good one, and one that can be done at home if you have some kettlebells, or you could do the exercises with just your body weight, dumbbells or resistance tubing.

Warm Up
15 burpees
50m sprint
50m frog jumps
200m run

Stations - The starred exercise is done between each exercise. Each main exercise is done for 1 min. Each starred exercise is done for 30 seconds. So it looks like main exercise for 1 minute, starred exercise for 30 seconds, main exercise 1 minute, starred exercise 30 seconds, etc...

Station 1
**Straddle jumps
Kettlebell Hang squats
Kettlebell Deadlifts
Kettlebell pushups
Kettlebell Sumo squats

Station 2 
Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell Clean and press
Kettlebell Squat upright row
Kettlebell Squat press

"Half time" 
6 min of squats (no breaks between sets) - alternating:
30 sec fast squats
30 sec bottom half squats

Station 3
**Kettlebell Jack press
Jump squats
Alternating lunge back Kettlebell press
Fast squats
Squat step outs - step out with left leg and squat, step in with left leg and squat, step out with right leg and squat, step in with right leg and squat. Repeat.

Station 4
**Kettlebell Shoulder press
Jack pushups
Plank to push ups
Push up alternating leg raise (body in push up position, lift one leg, then the other. Repeat)
Bicycle crunches