Monday, June 16, 2014

Mandi Monday: Happy Father's Day

Happy (belated) Father's Day to all the dads out there! Us girls and moms would struggle to achieve our full potential without a wonderful dad in the picture.

The first father in my life I'd like to thank is my dad. He is a man among men. He was the kind of dad I thank God for every day, as I realized he helped shape me into the bold, hopeful, resilient and happy woman I am today. He showed me that being of high moral character can take you farther in life than any other character trait. He showed me what it means to work hard. He showed me how a husband should treat a wife. He showed me how to take life's punches in stride, head on. He also taught me that love can be best shown through humor and a back rub. I wasn't always the easiest daughter, but he showed me that unconditional love can be sweet and caring, and that it can also be tough love! He always has stood by my side, even when he hasn't agreed with decisions I've made. He's cried with me when I've suffered losses and he's rejoiced with me in my triumphs. A perfect illustration for his support for me was running by my side through marathon training and a marathon, despite his own injuries and discomfort because he told his little girl he would run with her.

The second, and now most important father in my life is Ronnie. When you marry a man, you pray he will be the daddy you always dreamed of for your kids. Ronnie has far surpassed my hopes and dreams as a partner in parenting. Ronnie is the parent by which other parents could be measured. I've never met a parent so patient. Ronnie is the perfect mix of fun, but with clear limits. Mckenna could not adore her daddy any more than she does. When she gets hurt, she wants a daddy snuggle. When she wants to rough house, she looks for him. When she wants a good scare, she looks for the "tickle monster" that is her daddy hiding in random spots in the house.

Happy Father's Day!