Monday, July 14, 2014

Mckenna Monday: Big Girl Bed

Usually Monday's are my time to post updates, but Mckenna is really excited to share a new update in her life, so, here she is...

When my mommy, daddy, Nana, Papi, and I went camping, my mommy got me a special new bed, a toddler cot, for the tent. I usually sleep in a pack n play when I'm not in my bed, but mommy said it wouldn't fit in a tent. So I got a cool new bed. I practiced sleeping in it one time before we left and I did great. And then I did a good job sleeping in it when we were living like animals in the woods.

So when we got home my mommy and daddy asked me if I wanted to turn my bed into a big girl bed. I said, "WHAT? You make my bed a big girl bed!?" And they did! They took off the front of my bed and put on a little bar. Then mommy and I went and bought new sheets. I wanted sparkly sheets, but we found some blue ones that were a little shiny, so we bought those.

For a long time now my door has been opening when it's time to get up. Before I would yell and yell for them from my bed, sometimes for a long time, until it was time to wake up at 6AM. So magic started opening my door when I could get up. That way, if I roll over and the door's open, I know they'll come. If I roll over and the door's closed, I know I should roll back over and go back to sleep.

Well when we made my big girl bed, magic still opens my door. I look over and if magic opened my door, then I get up and can go into my mommy and daddy's room and if I kiss them on the lips, they wake up too. But if my door is closed I don't get out of my bed.

For the past week I have done really well. I only get out of bed if the door is open. This morning I got a little confused because I yelled and said I was awake and no one said anything back so I went into mommy and daddy's room and my mommy made me go back to my bed, but she was nice and laid with me til it was time to wake up. Hmm...maybe I should try that again! Wait, no, my mommy said, "no no no, we stay in our bed til the door opens." Well, maybe I can give it a shot. I like to try things at least once to see if they'll say, "yes" or "no."

My favorite thing about my new bed is that mommy and daddy sit or lay on it with me! Before my mommy sometimes would climb into my crib with me to make me giggle. But now every night I lay in bed, and we read my book in there! And my animals have a place to sleep too. Oh and I think it's pretty fun to get in and out all by myself!!!

Anyways, I'm really excited about my new bed!