Monday, August 4, 2014

Mandi Monday: My Favorite Mckenna Things Right Now

Being the mommy of a toddler has it's ups and downs. I never knew a little human could be SO fulfilling and bring so much joy, while being so frustrating and confusing. Toddlers are funny creatures. Their emotions change constantly and their impulse control seems non-existent. This makes them happy and hilarious 50% of the time, and crazed and confusing 50% of the time! Ha! But  even still, this may be my favorite age yet. I love that I can see the person that God gave us. Here are my favorite things she's doing right now:

Morning Ritual - Our morning ritual makes me smile just thinking about it. As I've mentioned in another post, "magic" opens her door at 6AM, and that's when she can get out of her bed. When she gets out of her bed, she carries a majority of the things from her bed (baby, stuffed animals, blankets, ice pack...yes she likes sleeping with an ice pack, etc) into the entry way (right next to her room), and sits it all onto the area rug and lays there; yelling for me. I usually do some silly dance down the hall towards her and she pops up and silly dances/runs to me for a hug. We carry all her stuff to the couch, where we snuggle and watch cartoons (usually Peter Rabbit) while I feed her cereal and milk (she could feed herself, but I'm not willing to get milk all over and couch! Ha! So I hold the bowl and pass over a spoonful from time to time). We continue this fun-fest until Ronnie gets up, and we make us all eggs and get on with the day.

Random Kisses - Mckenna is such a little lover, and one of her favorite ways to show love lately is through random kisses, usually on my forehead or the top of my head as I'm sitting next to her. It makes my heart so full when I feel her little lips on me.

I Miss You - Mckenna lately says, "I miss you, Mommy," or "I miss you, Daddy," a lot...even when you've been with her all day long. We aren't totally sure, but we think it's actually her way of just saying "I love you" or showing love and affection, even if the statement doesn't quite work. It's so sweet.

Bedtime Chatter - Mckenna, like most toddlers, has started the old bedtime stalling routine. She needs everything just so, the nightlight color just right, the books read, the sheets snuggly, water sipped, etc. Her newest? Chatting. She wants to discuss all sorts of ponderings she's ever had...from bulls we saw 6 months ago, to my grandfather's funeral, and everything in between. She knows she can add at least 3-5 minutes, and so she goes into question and statement overdrive. It can get frustrating, so I've just rolled back the time we head to bed a few minutes because, well, I kind of enjoy that little extra window into her brain.

Tracing - Mckenna started school last week. They have started tracing letters. Day one, Mckenna and I sat to do her homework, and well, it was almost scary. She had the attention span to do about 1 mm worth of tracing, and them would just scribble all over. I thought to myself, "oh boy...this may be bad..." but sure enough, 2 days later it was a whole different story. I say writing books in the dollar bins at Target, so I bought them and figured some extra practice wouldn't hurt. That night, she sat tracing as I made dinner, and to my shock, she stuck with it until she had traced all the letters on the page. I don't know if I've ever felt so much pride. You could tell she had tried her very best, and was so proud of herself when she was done. My heart exploded when I looked at the determination in her pen may not be "perfect" but it's one of the most beautiful things I've seen!!