Monday, August 25, 2014

Playroom Swap

We are those people who have a "living room" that doesn't get lived in. It was a furniture and dust collector. It looked nice as you walked by, but our dog is the only one who used it! So we decided it was time to put the room to use...even though it means guests potentially walk by a pigsty as they enter our home. We have talked about moving the playroom from the bedroom where it currently is to the living room for fact, every IVF cycle we would be sure we would get pregnant and need that bedroom for a nursery. Well, 1.5 years later, and we decided that baby or no baby, we were using the room. I should mention, that we are in the process of getting our foster care license, so we will need that room at some point semi-soon-ish, but not today.

Well yesterday I got the itch. I decided to just go for it and started moving furniture out of the room while Ronnie did his morning treatments. Mckenna carried the decorative items (you haven't lived til you watch a 2.5 year old carry a glass's like a game of russian roulette...and I'm certain really safe! Ha!) And I moved the furniture. I figure I workout for a reason, I was determined to do it by myself. Thankfully, the couch was staying in there, or it would have been a feat I couldn't conquer.

We went to Ikea and got a couple of shelves and baskets after church. And the I spent Mckenna's nap hurriedly moving toys, books, etc from the old playroom to the new. I used the switch as an opportunity to reorganize the bins and pitch the broken toys. I knew I better pitch during nap to keep from being argued with over every discard...and I was right on, Mckenna did dig a "needed" toy out of the trash.

After a long day of moving, we have made the switch, and Mckenna is in heaven.

...and that is probably the last time we will see the floor ;-)

I am thrilled it's finally done. I am not so thrilled that the rest of our house now looks like a furniture store because I just moved out the living room, but have yet to absorb the stuff, that's for another time!