Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tune-Up Shopping and Packing List

I was asked last week what I bring to the hospital, or at least what I brought this time, so I thought I would share my "shopping list" and packing list. Let me know what we have in common or what I need to consider bringing next time!


I usually pack around 7 "outfits" and they will last me my entire stay. Worst case, my mom lives in Tucson and is always willing to do a load of laundry for me. I wear nothing but t-shirts and athletic shorts, but always make sure to pack a sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt in case my room is unusually cold. I also bring a pair of slippers, a pair of sandals and a pair of running shoes. Also have my hat for those crazy hair days.


Again, I bring the usual stuff like my own toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and comb. Something I bring that others may not is my own bar of soap. Hospital soap sucks. I bring it in a little travel case so I don't have to worry about it touching down in the shower. I also will bring chapstick or vaseline as I always seem to get cracked lips in here.

Not really toiletries, but related, I bring my own bath towels and bath mat. Hospital bath towels are about as absorbent as a duck's back.


I bring my own pillows with pillow cases as well as my own comforter. These get washed as soon as I get home and stored for the next hospital stay.


I of course have my phone, headphones and laptop, but what I bring along that most others don't is a separate monitor to make working easier in the Hole. I use two screens at home when I work, and with what I do, it makes it much easier. Anything I can do to make work easier from the Hole, I will do as it is already hard enough!

I also bring my own single cup Keurig machine to brew my own coffee while here. The coffee that the hospital sends up is always puke-warm and watered down.

Funny thing is that I bring my Playstation 3 but only set it up about a quarter of the time. I never have it set up at home and always think I'll have the urge to play it when I come in here, but it rarely happens. I always bring it just in case.


This will probably just be easier to list. This doesn't include all of the candy I bring and that is brought to me, but I did include sweets that I "need" in here. I have a major sweet tooth that only amplifies when getting a tune-up.

Dried Mango
Walmart Brand Oreos (for a taste test)
Fruit and Nut Medley trail mix
Gummy Bears
Cinnabon Cereal
Golden Grahams Cereal
Boom Chicka Pop (kettle corn)
Jelly Beans
Random Assortment of Candy (Starburst, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps)
Gevalia Coffee k-cups - Colombian
Donut Shop Blend Coffee k-cups
Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend k-cups
Gallon Jugs or Water for Keurig
Original Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer
French Vanilla Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

After I get admitted, my mom and brother always bring by some of the stuff listed above as well as plastic silverware, plastic bowls, coffee cups, little table and table cloth.

When people come into my room their reaction is almost always the same, "Wow, you have quite the set-up in here!"

My response is almost always the same too, "After 35 years of doing this, you learn a thing or too!"