Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

8:00am: When I woke up this morning I couldn't wait to hit up the dog walk. I hopped on my albuterol/atro and vest first so I could do my Pulmozyme after the walk. The last couple days I have felt junkier than normal. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm going to work like heck to get all of this mucus out of me. I set out on the same loop that I have been doing the whole week. My goal for next week is to increase the distance in the loop. I would love to say that I would just increase the pace, but with Jezzabel that's kind of hard. This morning she must have wanted to stop every 10 yards to sniff something for what seemed like an eternity. I may have to stop by Petsmart and get a dog-walking tool of some sort. Maybe a spear, taser, or branding iron would do the trick? She's a very smart dog, but she often tries to control the walks. I am constantly yelling "Come On!" and tugging on her leash. I'll have to find a way to teach that old dog some new tricks.

At the beginning of the walk I was barely coughing at all. Since I did my treatments first, I think that relaxed my lungs a bit. To tell you the truth, I don't know if I like that. I hardly ever cough with the vest and generally exercise is the only thing that gets my coughing. As the walk continued and J Bell started to settle down, I was able to increase my pace. The last .2 miles I was coughing pretty good and getting up a decent amount of stuff. It was clear for the most part and came up fairly easily. I seem to be coughing up thicker and darker stuff when I first roll out of bed that seems to clear up by the walk. Anyone know what that means?

This morning has felt better than most as far as the ease of the walk and it being pain free. I'm looking forward to running later cause I actually missed not running yesterday. What's happening to me?

Total Distance: 2.1 miles

4:00pm: Today was an exciting day at the gym. Mandi and I were able to work out together for the first time! L.A. Fitness had a special promotion that waived all of the initial fees and just pay the monthly dues. She warned me that she gets pretty intense in the gym, but I figured I could handle anything she would throw my way. I just know that it is always nice to have a partner for your workouts rather than going solo. With Mandi a member now, we decided that we would work out together 3 times a week and run together 3 times a week. All other times we would have to fight the elements on our own.

Today was arm and ab day. I was glad to have Mandi there for abs cause she has a killer stomach. I hate working on abs but I knew she would push me. We started with arms though, specifically biceps. I was feeling good. I was at the gym. My girl was there. The Wildcats made the Tournament. The church service was great. That's were the fun ended. When we set up to do hammer curls I noticed that Mandi grabbed the same exact weight as me. I figured that she was going to do less reps. Nope, same amount of reps. Seriously? No seriously, seriously? She weighs 115 lbs with her purse on her shoulder. I weigh 189 with no purse. Maybe working out with Shera, goddess of all warriors, wasn't such a good idea.

Things changed when she ended up not doing as many reps and I saw her struggling with the weight. What's up now Ms. Strongy McBufferpants? After I received my manhood card back everything sailed smoothly. We really enjoy working out together and are good coaches for each other. As expected, she killed my abs, but I returned the favor on her arms. Overall, it was a really wonderful day. I felt good and the weather was great. I couldn't ask for a more perfecting ending to a fabulous week. Let's just hope that this hot streak continues. Current Weight: 189 lbs.

Total Distance Run/Walk for Day: 2.1 miles