Friday, March 20, 2009

My Emotional Attachment

6:25am: I got a little later start this morning, due to me laying in bed longer and not wanting to get out of it. Because I couldn't get my butt in gear when I woke up, I knew that I was going to have to pick up the pace on my walk. Not that I have any pressing plans, but I have a routine and I like to stick to it. Get me off of my rhythm and all sorts of crazies can start to occur. This morning was very important that I stay on my routine because I was under the impression that my beloved Wildcats tipped off at 9:10am. In order to walk, start a load of laundry (not in the normal routine), eat breakfast (egg whites on an english muffin with cheese), and do my treatments in time for the game, I didn't have any time to waste this morning. Well, come to find out, the Cats aren't playing until 4pm, so I just needed to settle down a bit. Their 4pm tip off time does however change some plans that Mandi and I had for the afternoon though. We were going to go to the gym together after she got off of work, but now that's a big ain't going to happen.

Side Note: For those of you who know me, you know that I am a sportsaholic. I'm not as bad as I used to be, but if it involves competition, I'll watch it. I don't care what it is. Baseball, football, badminton, swimming, billiards, ice skating; I mean seriously, I don't care. But, one thing you may not know about me is the only team I have an emotional attachment to (when they lose I get super sad and angry inside) is the University of Arizona basketball team. I've been in and a part of Tucson my whole life. Almost all of my family lives here. Many of my family members and friends graduated from the U of A. I graduated from the U of A. I think they should have a national holiday for Lute Olsen. The best sports day of my life is when we won the 1997 national championship. The worst was when we lost in the national championship in 2001 to Puke, I mean Duke (followed closely by our meltdown against Illinois in the Elite Eight). I just thought you should be aware of my one addiction. It might be helpful to know should we lose in today's game.

I set off for the walk and as customary my lungs were pretty tight. Every morning seems to start off with me bringing up one or two huge globs of mucus that is a dark yellow or light green in color. It's literally the first thing that happens when I wake up in the morning. On my walk, the mucus generally clears up or gets light yellow. I can't explain the reasoning behind that, but if you're a doctor, let me know.

Jezzabel was extremely sniffy this morning which meant she got yanked a lot. The pace needed to be picked up, and there was no time to wait for Sniffy McSnifferson. My legs have felt the best that they have out of any morning so far. I found it surprising considering the pounding that they took yesterday. I really hope I can get my legs into good shape. They present about 35% of the problem when I run. The other 65% of course being my lungs (which includes the incredible dry mouth I get when I run from the heavy breathing). The only pain I felt this morning was in my upper left lung. It felt more like a "lung opening up" kind of pain, so I'm hoping it's a good thing.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles

1:30pm: Let me just start off this entry by saying that I had an excellent day at the gym. I felt stronger and had more endurance. It may all be because I switched up my routine just a little bit. First, let me give credit where credit is due; The new routine I did was Mandi's suggestion. She suggested that I run a little bit in between exercises. Well that's exactly what I did! I didn't run incredibly hard or fast but I still ran a full two minutes between each exercise. It felt awesome to have a sweat going the entire time that I was at the gym. I felt warmed up and ready to go the whole time. I think running had a lot to do with how strong I felt. I never allowed myself to cool down.

I was able to go up in weight on every exercise but one. My shoulder is still giving me problems when I lift my chest but I just work through it. My body is starting to reshape A LITTLE bit, but I have a super long way to go. My chest and shoulders are a little broader and my tummy is a little smaller. Don't get me wrong, I still look pregnant. I only look 5 months prego instead of 7. Baby steps. Current Weight: 191 lbs.

Total Distance: .75 miles

6:30pm: Tonight we decided to take a casual stroll throughout the neighborhood and just enjoy the weather. There is nothing new to report but one important thing: BEAR DOWN ARIZONA!!!!!!

Total Distance: 2.0 miles

Total Distance Run/Walk for Day: 4.85 miles