Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goobers From the Night Fairy

8:00am: Man am I junky this morning! I woke up coughing huge glops of dark yellow stuff into the bathroom sink. I looked completely disheveled due to my excellent night of sleep. With that excellent night of sleep came eye goobers a plenty along with lips caked full of some sort of gunk that the night fairy deposited on my mouth. It almost looked like she was feeding me powdered doughnuts all night while wetting my lips. The powder from the doughnuts and the water mixed to make an Elmer's glue type of substance on my mouth. I was also blowing a lot of snot out of my nose that was streaked with blood due to the o2 drying out my nostrils all night. Good morning to me! I can't complain though, everyday that God allows me to wake up and enjoy His wonderful creation is a day I'm thankful for.

I decided to do my treatments first this morning to be a little more open for my walk. I like to switch up my routine as much as possible to keep my body guessing. As long as my mind never communicates with my body, it will have no idea what's going on. My body is pretty dumb and generally falls for these silly little tricks.

For the walk we did the normal 2.1 mile loop with a picked up pace. Since I got a later start, it was definitely hotter out than normal. You could really tell it was hotter because Jezzabel's tongue dragged on the sidewalk for most of the second half of the walk. I felt good the whole time and my legs feel very well rested.

Side Note: We spotted a road bike for sale on our walk this morning that someone had chained up to their truck. The sellers were outside and said that it was good enough for races but a great starter bike. They were selling it for 50 bucks. I decided that I would think about while at the gym and Dunkin Donuts and if it were still available I would pounce on it. Well, after the gym we drove back by the house and the sellers were gone. I'm not sure if the bike had been sold or note. Mandi wrote up a nice little note for them and left it on their door. We'll have to see if they call.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles

11:00am: Mandi and I left for the gym to work out arms. She ended up doing shoulders and abs in between our arm sets, but that's because she is GI Jane and awesome like that. I get way too dog tired just doing the normal stuff and her she is doing some crazy kick dolphin side fin flip on the bench to work out her abs after just doing a set of curls. I'm standing there looking at my CF gut go in and out in the mirror as I'm sucking in air. One thing about having Mandi at the gym though is I think I'm even stronger when she's there. I'm not sure if it's because I'm trying to show her what I got or if it's because I'm trying not to embarrass myself, but I'm always at full strength we she's around. She also keeps me motivated because I barely lift more weight than her and that just doesn't seem right.

I was able to increase the weight or reps on every single lift today but one. I made some pretty big jumps today in terms of the amount of weight lifted. That however wasn't the biggest surprise. The biggest surprise came when I weighed in after the workout. I'm not sure if it was because I hadn't eaten anything or not consumed the normal amount of water, but I was the lightest I've been for a while. Hopefully I'm trimming some of this fat off of my buddha belly. Current Weight: 186 lbs.

Side Note: I'm going to have a lot of family time today so I may not get a run/walk in. I'll go ahead and post this now and add to it later if need be.

Total Distance Walk for Day: 2.1 miles