Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does that Fire Burn Inside of You?

6:00am: When my alarm went off this morning I ended up talking to every single one of my body parts. And after doing so, this thought was confirmed: Not one single part of my body wanted to get out of bed this morning. But as I've always said, these are the days that it is MOST important to pull yourself out of bed. Cause if you can get out of the sack when every part of you says no, then how much easier will it be when maybe just half of you says yes? I can't stress that enough. Anybody can wake up early and go hit the pavement when they're fired up to do so, but can you do that when there is no desire inside of you at all? That's what I was facing this morning, so I did the only thing that I know how to do, I pushed through it.

The walk itself started with plenty of coughing. My prayers however were answered in that my junk came up a lot easier this morning. I think that really concentrating yesterday on fully breathing in all of my meds helped as well. There were points at my walk today though that because of the coughing, I couldn't even muster the oxygen to yell at Jezzabel. Sometimes she needs to be reminded that I'm walking her and it's not the other way around. She is improving greatly though and I know that she is trying really hard to please her daddy. My foot felt good this morning, so I'm hoping that continues and maybe I'll be in a position to run this weekend. Man, I would love that.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 38'21"

Side Note: A little side story here about J Bell. This morning as I was making my breakfast sandwich I had some meat left over that wouldn't have been enough for my sandwich tomorrow. So, I called Jezzabel over and had her sit. I through the piece of turkey at her that flew right past her snout as she chomped at it in mid-air. The piece of meat fell directly on to her back and stuck to her. She was SO confused. She was sniffing around all over the place and just didn't realize the meat was on her back. Eventually, she gave up and went to lay down in her doggy bed looking depressed about the meat that was gone forever. About 2 minutes later she heard some sound and got up to see what it was. With that, the meat fell onto her bed. She then proceeded to lay back down not noticing the turkey that was no more than 9 inches from her face. About 3 minutes later she got up to go and get a sip of water, and finally, when she got back to her bed, she found the slab of meat. Needless to say, it provided a good 7 minutes of entertainment for me this morning.

1:30pm: I was extremely weak at the gym today. I couldn't do some of the same weight that I did last arm day, so it was kind of strange. My body may be just a little fatigued or something. I really need to focus on getting to bed earlier consistently. I've been sleeping better as of late, but maybe those couple nights that my sleep was bad finally caught up to me.

In May, I'll be changing my routine a little bit in order to target other muscle groups. I'll still be doing arms, chest, back, legs, and shoulders, but I'll switch up the lifts. It will also help me to not get in a habit of just going through the motions. I'm looking forward to the change, and I'll make sure to update you guys on how my body adjusts.

My legs were still sore from my workout on them two days ago, but I decided to hop on the stair stepper cause I wanted to work up a sweat. And working up a sweat is exactly what I did. I put it on the same program as the last time, which is called "Fat Burner". Not that I'm trying to burn fat, but I like how it is constantly changing up the resistance during the workout. I did 40 floors again and everything felt real good when I was done. Current Weight: 184lbs

Total Distance Walked for Day: 2.1 miles

Total Floors Climbed for Day: 40

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Somer Love said...

Ok you have inspired me starting May 1st I am doing a serious work out routine not to sure yet gotta start with baby steps tho. I do the treadmill now but I want to do more.

I love that you are entertained by Jezz... Osc and Lills entertain me as well what would we do without our babies~

Somer Love said...

You will have to read your new nick name that Sara and I gave you its in my new post :)

OceanDesert said...

Hey Ronnie!

Just a couple thoughts I had while I read your post.. I TOTALLY get pushing yourself, esp. when you least feel like working out, etc. but I also think there is real value in rest days and knowing your body and if you're feeling esp. tired, etc... to listen to your body.. Esp. after tx, with a lowered immune response, I have pushed myself too hard and then my sinuses go, "yippeee, now we can act up!"

I was glad to hear that you were resting your foot and that it's feeling better!

I think the challenge comes when we allow ourselves too much slack or rest time and to 'know' when we actually NEED it or just WANT it..

Just my 2 cents!

Keep up the good work, Fibro! ha!

ps... Maybe if you are interested, me, you and Somer could get together when she's back in Phx in June?

pss... I just keep thinking of stuff! .. Where do you live/train/go running, etc? I know there's the 'CF distance' thing to keep in mind, but maybe we could meet up at a track somewhere (b/f it gets so excruciatingly hot!) and run/walk sometime? Bring Mandi too! I would bring Mike, but running is his least fave thing to do!

Ok, that's it...

no.. for real.. that's it ..

for now ... ;)