Monday, April 27, 2009

Oxygen Problems

6:00am: Alright! Time for a fresh new week. Not that I was feeling fresh this morning, but I'm hoping my energy level starts to pick up. I didn't sleep well last night and woke up about a dozen times or so to mess around with my oxygen tubing. I would wake up with the cannulas blowing into my eyes, around my forehead, or one cannula in my nostril with the other out. My nostrils were also extra dry last night and possibly starting to crack on the inside cause I had a sharp pain inside of my nose every time I woke up. I guess it just comes with the territory. Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad. The good being that I usually sleep like a rock at night now and I think the o2 has a lot to do with it. The bad being the bloody noses, pain, and oxygen tubing choking me out in the middle of the night. Oh well, gotta keep truckin!

The walk was alright this morning. I was coughing more than normal, but I was getting a lot up and it was clear in color. I still feel kind of tight so I need to really focus this week on opening these airbags up. My foot is becoming the bigger problem. Even with taking the day off yesterday, besides the morning walk, my foot was already in pain this morning. I really need to nip this in the bud, cause it will be tough to run a mile on one foot. I'm not sure what it's going to take, but I'll figure it out. Who knows, maybe by this afternoon it will be fine and dandy? I'll just have to wait and see. It did slow me down a bit on my walk, so it better shape up or I'll just cut it off.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 39'13"

3:00pm: I finally got to the gym today after a full day of working on some different stuff on the computer. It was legs and shoulder day which is never very fun. Today was no exception. My shoulders hurt from the very first lift, especially my left one. By the time I got to my last lift it hurt to put my arm over my head. I decided not to push it and only lifted the bar for my last lift to hopefully stretch it out a little. I'll be changing up my routine in May, and for my shoulders, this will include lifts that will strengthen the tendons and ligaments. I won't worry about the muscle for a while. It's getting to the point that I think I'm going to start to do damage.

I blasted my legs today. They were feeling pretty weak from the first lift on, but I challenged them on every lift and increased the weight. When I was done with my last leg lift, I literally had to catch myself on a railing when I tried to walk down some stairs. My legs completely gave out. They were absolute jello. It was such a strange sensation and in some kind of sick way, I enjoyed it. Current Weight: 188 lbs.

6:00pm: My legs never recovered from the workout early and by the time it came for Mandi and I to walk/run they still felt like they weighed about 500 pounds. I didn't want to just sit on my butt though, so we decided to do a quick mile. By quick, I mean, just a mile. We didn't walk it faster than normal, and in fact, took our time. The weather was gorgeous and we just enjoyed eachother and conversation. My left foot still feels a bit strained, so I'm really hoping that it recovers soon.

Total Distance: 1.0 miles Time: 18'17"

Total Distance Walked for Day: 3.1 miles