Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great Strides 09- Anthem

5:15am: The alarm went off a little early this morning, and as I lay there listening to the death beep, I was really starting to regret agreeing to help with the set-up of the walk. I told them that we would be there around 7ish, so I knew I had to get my butt in gear. First thing I did when I woke up was hop on my treatments. I wasn't coughing too much this morning, which was nice, but I wasn't going to have time for a dog walk. I did my treatments, threw on some clothes, and headed out the door. Dunkin Donuts, here I come!
After scooping up my coffee and breakfast sandwich, Mandi and I made the long drive to Anthem. We of course enjoyed some car karaoke on the way which made the drive go by fast. A storm was predicted to roll through Anthem last night, but I assured the ladies at CFF that it rarely rains into the morning in Arizona and that we would be fine. Boy was I wrong! It was raining like kitties and puppies and on top of that it was about 50 degrees. We arrived to the site about the same time as other volunteers and starting unpacking in hopes that it would clear up.

It never did clear up. I thought the turn out was pretty good all things considered and it was really nice of people to show up in the drizzle. I believe about 75 people were expected, and while I was there, roughly 50 came to the site. For one of the smaller AZ walks, I would consider it a success. We'll have to see how much money came in. Keep those fingers crossed.

The best thing to come out of the walk today for me was meeting some other CF families that I had never met before. It's fun for me to talk CF and to trade secrets on how to take better care of ourselves. A met a lot of positive people this morning, which sadly, isn't a common theme among CFers and their families. It's refreshing to meet people with the same hope and love for life that I have. There's no reason to let CF take the wind out of your sails.

11:30am: Mandi and I headed to the gym to blast our arms. We got in the full arm workout in probably 75% of the normal time. We barely took any breaks in between sets and generally were switching back and forth between biceps and triceps. While she'd be doing one, I'd be dong the other. We didn't want to spend too much time at the gym cause we were going to swing by another CF event hosted by an AZ's Finest Honoree. It was a great workout and I'm glad that we were able to get everything done so we could enjoy the afternoon together. Current Weight: 192 lbs.

Side Note: We were planning on walking earlier at the Great Strides event but it got rained out. I'm going to try and squeeze in a walk tonight, but there is a lot of family time happening later. We'll have to see what happens.

Total Distance Walk/Run for Day: O miles

(I'm ashamed. I wanted to get a walk in tonight but it is still raining and I'm afraid that I will melt. Boo.)