Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maybe I Need the Dog Whisperer

6:00am: Apparently someone out there said a little prayer for me cause I felt so much better this morning than I did yesterday! When the alarm went off, I thought that I accidentally set it for the wrong time, cause it felt like I had just closed my eyes to go to bed. Usually that's probably a bad thing, but I felt incredibly rested and ready to tackle the day. I did my normal morning mucus clearance into the sink, but my lung tightness and coughing didn't last for too long today. By the time I started the walk, my coughing was all but done. I had a couple coughs in the beginning of the walk but nothing crazy.

I wish I could tell you why I feel so good today, but I really don't know what it is. Maybe it was the sprints that I did yesterday? Maybe it's because I laid my head on the pillow by 10pm last night? Maybe it was because of the later workout at the gym? I don't know. I would probably just opt to go for the reason that I can be sure of: Prayers were answered and it's by the Grace of God that I was able to get up this morning and get my butt moving.

The walk went really well and I was able to increase the pace compared to the last couple of days. There were a couple of times that I felt myself slowing down and had to focus on picking it up a little. I also made J Beezy do a couple of walk by peeings (she literally walks, or waddles, and pees at the same time). It's probably not the nicest thing in the world to do to my little princess, but I'm trying to break her of the habit of marking her spot every 25 feet. I'll let her take a long pee in the beginning, but after that, it needs to be all about business. That, of course being opening up my lungs and getting nice and loose for the upcoming day. I just don't understand why she doesn't get that. Maybe I need to bring in the Dog Whisperer...

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 36'41"

12:00pm: I ended up walking to the gym today to sneak in some extra mileage and because I felt like doing some sprints. I walked most of the way to warm up my legs and did a 15 second sprint and then a 10 second sprint. It REALLY opens my lungs up. It worked out well also, because today was leg day and they were already warm when I got to the gym.

It was a good day overall and I was able to add weight or reps to pretty much every lift. I felt strong and my lungs felt really good. I tried to focus on taking real deep breaths when I was short of breath from a lift. When I do squats it really takes a lot out of me and literally takes my breath away. So after squats I took about a 2 minute break and just sat on a bench deep breathing. It helped to open my lungs and regain some energy for the final push.

I walked back home and encountered some landscapers with their blowers so I had to tuck my mouth and nose in my shirt. That's the risk I take by walking to the gym, not to mention the car fumes that are passing by. I think it's worth it though cause the walk with the sprints really opens me up. Current Weight: 190 lbs.

Total Distance: .5 miles

5:45pm: Mandi and I decided to explore a different part of the neighborhood today, which ended up making our walk a little longer than normal. I was thinking about doing some sprints during our walk, but my legs were pretty dead from my workout earlier and my left foot was giving me trouble again. It was sore throughout most of the walk and was a nag until about .5 miles left. I think it was good to give it a break from the pounding for the night.

My left lower lung lobe also had some pain in it during the stroll. I'm thinking it's because I have been bringing a lot of stuff up today and maybe I strained something in there a bit. It feels like I'm laying on my back and a 225 lbs man is just standing on that lobe. I don't mind about 200 lbs, but 225? Come on! Sometimes that just happens. I can strain a muscle from coughing or the irritation in a particular lobe starts to sting a little. Only got one choice though: Work through it.

Total Distance: 3.35 miles Time: 55'08"

Total Distance Run/Walk for Day: 5.95 miles

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Katelyn said...

Hey Ronnie, thanks for the well wishes and comment on my blog! It's always great to have another CF blog to read.

I do have a "CF Blog" which just chronicles my medicines, daily symptoms and any side effects so that I can accurately tell my doctor what is going on. I put it on private view because I figured people didn't want to read about my stomach problems or what color mucous I was coughing up. :)

I plan on linking your blog on mine. I hope that's OK.