Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Think I Gave Jezzabel CF

6:00am: Definitely more tired than usual this morning. I'm not sure what it is. I got to bed early and it felt like I slept like a rock. I woke up a couple of times because the bed was rubbing my burn wrong, but otherwise I was dead to the world. When I woke up, or should I say, got out of bed, I was hacking up quite a bit of thinned out gross tasting mucus. That theme seemed to continue through a good part of the morning and into the walk. I don't know why I have been coughing so much already today.

I have a few theories and I'd like to hear your guy's feedback as to if they may be accurate. Otherwise I'd love to hear what you think it may be. First Theory: I slept with the fan on high last night instead on medium. Maybe the extra air blowing into face either stirred something up or changed my breathing patterns? Second Theory: My stomach felt full this morning when I woke up. Maybe having a full stomach during the night caused me to take more shallow breaths than normal? Third Theory: I got so burned and my skin is so hot that it is literally melting away my mucus. Maybe my body is acting like a mucus oven because of the temperature of my skin? So that's what I got...think you can do better?

As for the walk, the pace was slower today due to all of my coughing spasms, wiping tears, dry heaving, and Jezzabel turning back into Bowel McPoopystein. She took three giant poops as if she has been saving them up for the last couple of days. Sometimes I think I gave my dog CF. She is bloated after she eats, she is constantly panting, and her bowel patterns are irregular. I'm no vet, but I'm pretty sure it's possible. Anyway, the walk improved as time went on and the bathroom breaks slowed down. I started to open up and I think I got a majority of the goo out before my treatments. This was definitely one of those mornings that I wasn't really excited about the prospect of walking, but as usual, I felt great once I hit the road.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 38'30"

12:30pm: I absolutely kicked my own butt at the gym today! I decided to do three of my normal lifts per muscle group plus do a heavy set on the core lift. So for instance, on chest, I did Pec Deck Flys, Incline bench, dumbbell press and then for the heavy set I did regular bench. By heavy, I mean doing 3 sets of 5 reps instead of my regular 3 sets of 10-15 reps. I increased my bench set by about 30 percent and did 5 reps. It was really tough. I was able to do it, but I definitely had to work real hard to get all of the reps up. I did the same for my back, using the upright row as my core lift.

I also ran .15 miles between each chest and back lift. So my routine was chest, back, run, chest, back , run, and so on. I increased the speed on the treadmill from the last time that Mandi and I ran together in the gym. I increased it from 4.0 to 5.0 to 5.5 on my last run. I was breathing extremely hard towards the end, but I definitely got my lungs to open wide. I also was sweating like crazy. I should probably start bringing a towel with me as a courtesy to the other gym rats. They already see me coughing up a storm, it probably isn't good to leave behind a pool of sweat as well. Current Weight: 189 lbs.

Total Distance: 1.2 miles

Side Note: There was no evening walk/run tonight due to a bible study that was across town and fighting traffic the whole way. We did however walk to a Dunkin Donuts to grab some coffee and a bite to eat beforehand.

Total Distance: .8 miles

Total Distance Walked/Run for Day: 4.1 miles

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Andrea said...

I know you wrote this a long time ago, but oh well. We're convinced my high school Chemistry teacher's cat has CF. He breathes through his mouth, which is uncommon for cats. His breathing is always very laboured and loud, especially after play. He's a much smaller cat than he should be. AND, he went to the vet for something and they trached(spl?) him and saw that his respiratory system was lined with thick mucus. And he had the pseudonymous bacteria. CF? Sure sounds like it!!