Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running So Hard That I Made My Lungs Bleed

6:00am: I ask this question because last night I not only had the ceiling fan going, but also a stand up fan by the side of my bed. This morning when I woke up, I coughed up more crap than normal and it was darker in color. It was pretty thinned out, but there was A LOT of it. So it got me to thinking, was the mucus already deep down in there and the fan helped to get it out? Or is the fan some kind of irritant that somehow creates more mucus that otherwise wouldn't be there? I would love to get some feedback on this and hear if anybody else has experienced this with fans directly blowing on them while they sleep.

The walk went well and my foot is starting to feel better. It may be tough to get a run/walk in later because of my Bible study, so I may have to run or walk a little at the gym. On my walk this morning I continued to bring up quite a bit of stuff and got into a couple of coughing fits. At one point I had to stop walking because a little bit of coffee started to come up and I didn't want to lose my "cookies". For me, I have to be very conscious of walking, running, or working out on an empty stomach. The problem is, if I start coughing to much, I will lose whatever is in there. I've heard other CFers complain about the same type of thing, so I know I'm not alone.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 38'45"

3:00pm: Things have been absolutely crazy today with CFF stuff and so on so I knew I was going to have to really bust it out at the gym today. My Bible study doesn't start until 6:45pm, but because of traffic, I have to leave by 5:15pm. I know, stupid. Anyway, the gym was fantastic today and I really lifted hard and pushed myself to the max. I tried to really force myself to do more reps on every exercise than the previous week. And that is exactly what I did. I really need to start bringing a towel. There were a couple of times that I thought somebody shot me in the eye with a BB gun. I'd be sitting there doing upward rows and then all of the sudden I would have the urge to drop the bar and take the stick out of my eye that somebody so pleasantly shoved in there. Of course, I would discover after the set that it was only sweat, but nonetheless, it hurt.

I also knew that I would need to get my run/walk in at the gym because there wouldn't be time for it tonight. I started off walking .24 miles just to warm up. I then kicked it into high gear. I was determined to break my own personal treadmill record of .6 miles straight today. I was at .63 (.42 straight) when I let out a loud and deep cough. So much so that the dude next to me jerked his head around like I had just fired a gun. He would have been really shocked if he would have seen what came up with that cough. Yeah, you guessed it, blood. Good ol' B-L-O-O-D, blood. Now, it wasn't pure blood and was definitely streaked in with my mucus, but I thought it would be a good idea to back down a bit. I slowed down the treadmill to a walking pace and walked another .17. That put me at .8 total miles. Well, that wasn't good enough for me. I said that I would break my own record, which of course didn't happen, but told myself there was no reason to not run the full .6+. I sped the treadmill past the speed I was running at before and did another .2 miles followed by .1 of walking. Did you follow? Basically, I didn't break my record, but I ran a total of .62 miles and walked a total of .48. Stupid blood.

Total Distance: 1.1 miles

Total Distance Run/Walked for Day: 3.2 miles

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CFlover said...

No good....well I mean good but no good tp the whole blood thing!!

M saw your pics today and guess what?!?!?!?!?!?!!? YOU motivated him hes out exercising right this very second!!!!!!!!!!! GO U!!!!!!!

I am forever thankful!!!!!!

Graciy said...

I am super proud that you are working so hard but please don't push it!!!!!!

J said the fan has never done that to him... hows your fan on dust though. It's way to easy to for get to clean up there =0) sorry my momness is coming out