Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before and After and After Pics

Back by popular demand are my before and after pics...ok, Mandi's mom reminded me that I needed to do a new one.




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Kellee said...

Wow what a good job!!!
So since M and I have decided u r like the Arnold Schwarzenegger
of Cf we were wondering if you know the quickest way to tone "arm flab" the flap that keeps waving long after you have stopped moving your hand. We have been working out together and bc of his coughing M has good back and chest muscles so he only works his legs and ofcourse the normal lung and heart pumping stuff BUT I on the other hand dont have good back muscles and Im not to fond of my arm flap =) any advice?

Katey said...

Great job!!! You look great!

Denise said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You look great!! In such a short amount of time you really transformed yourself. I'm inspired!! Keep up the great work!

Brandi said...

Wow! That's a definite difference! I guess that means if you work hard enough (like you do) you can lose that CF belly. That's really the only part of me that I REALLY hate.


Pegson said...

your on the improve mate great work.