Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rocky Point 2009 (pictures post)

Sorry it took so long to get these pics up! I'm slacking! Here are some of my favorite pics from my Rocky Point, MX 2009 family trip. Enjoy!

First stop: Dunkin Donuts
Second Stop: Grandma's house
All packed up and ready to hit the open road
Apparently I was getting ready to say something
My little cousin was giving manicures and pedicures...to boys ONLY!
We all know that I took full advantage of a little pampering
My cousin Janee even got into the mix by styling my hair
We had about 6 birthdays to celebrate while we were down there
This is where everybody generally ate
Mandi and I hanging out on the beach

6 people had something to say...:

Denise said...

I love pictures!! thanks for sharing. The pampering looked great!

melanie said...

little brother, I am so inspired by your life (run) journey! Its an encouragement to me! tell Mandy I said Hi, and I love the pics!! :-)looking good, looking good!

Amanda Faye said...

Hey I dont know if you would be interested in Adding A link for Roberts blog and the link to donate for his lung transplant? I figure the more people who have it on their blog the more money we can raise for him... Just let me know either way... BTW your family looks like A blast

Katey said...

Great pictures! Your little cousin is so cute :)

Keri said...

Dunkin Donuts and some serious pampering... I'm so jealous!

Jon V. said...

The real question is did you, like me, forget to take off the toe nail polish when you got home.

Had to explain it to a few guys at the gym locker room until the weekend when I could borrower some remover from my Mom's house.

Only 355 days until Mexico 2010!